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  1. Phil511

    ALC269 best approach?

    Hi @Allan, Running the RunMe file & stuck at generating system information. IOReg dump failed & kept repeating IOReg dump but in the end ALC269 generated html. It generated a big files. You want all of it under send me folder? Hi @Allan, I am attaching files generated by RunMe app. Send me.zip
  2. Phil511

    ALC269 best approach?

    Hi Alan, None of the layout ID works for me. I even injected layout ID 124 & 128. Any recommendation what I can try? In the past, my ALC269 works by replacing hacked AppleHDA + IOAudioFamily.kext with specific edited DSDT for it to work. It worked from Mountain Lion up to Sierra. It stops working in High Sierra. AppleALC + Lilu is a more kosher way but unfortunately it appears that mine maybe a rare exception. FYI, I elected boot verbose and I don;t remember seeing AppleALC kext loader. It showed Lilu kext loaded. Coulde that be an issue. I have Atheros Ethernet and Atheros E2200 did not work and I have to use the old Atheros L1C Ethernet kext. Putting in /Clover/kext/others. the Atheros could not inject. I had to put it into S/L/E. Can I put AppleALC into S/L/E or L/E? I also have problem with Asmedia 1024 USB3. Clover patch did not work. I came across someone recommending to remove AppleHPET kext? Is that safe to remove AppleHPET? Any suggestion that I can try would be highly appreciated. My rig is: Asus X53E Laptop CPU: Intel i5-2450M Graphics: Intel HD3000 Expand Memory to 8GB I attached the patched kexts with DSDT that worked from Maverick to Sierra. AppleHDA.kext.zip DSDT.aml IOAudioFamily.kext.zip
  3. @shela, Does your script work in El Capitan 10.12.1? I got output error "could not resize sparse image"?
  4. Hi Guys, The Nvidia Web driver for 10.12.1 (16B2555) is finally out. I was at 10.12.1 Beta 4 (16B2338c) and I had to upgrade it to 10.12.1. In my case it's takes perseverance and click open Apple AppStore upgrade. There were two simultaneous upgrades showing up under upgrade in my case (10.12.1 & 10.12.1 Beta 5). I found out by clicking more under 10.12.1 Beta 5 update. I saw 10.12.1 update under 10.12.1 Beta 5 update, I selected 10.12.1 because there is no way in hell I will touch that 10.12.1 Beta 5. It took me 3 times to get it right. After successfully updated from 10.12.1 Beta 4 (16B2338c) to 10.12.1 (16B2555), Nvidia web driver update manager popped out and say driver update available. I click install, restart and everything back to normal. Dual monitors with correct resolution scaling.
  5. I have Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 OC 4GB, I edited the NVDAStartupWeb.kext info.plist manually as well as through Nvidia WebUpdater, both failed. We have to wait for the official web driver from Nvidia. I repaired permission and updated cache before restart. Maybe need to change SMBIOS?
  6. @savageAUS, Follow wastez, NVDASTartupWeb.kext info.plist corrected. Repair permission + cache restarted. Unfortunately, graphic problem same as before. Any other method I can try. FYI, I also used Nvidia Webupdater way but same graphic problem remain.
  7. Hi Experts, Any chance I can get 10.12.1 Nvidia web driver here? I forgot to check this site first before upgrading to 10.12.1. The graphic is now painfully horrific.
  8. Phil511

    NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater.app

    @Micky1979 &/or @Fantomas1, (1) Will this work in macOS Sierra? (2) Will this update through patch for 10.12.1(16A2338B)? I forgot to check with Nvidia Web Driver for macOS Sierra site first before I update it to 10.12.1. Current workable web driver showed 10.12.0. update: It did not work on 10.12.1 (16B2338c).
  9. @Faun, thanks to your Nvidia web driver for PB1 as it works perfectly with my system. Any chance you will have Nvidia web driver for Public Beta 2 soon?
  10. @fantomas1, Thank you for your Webdriver for Sierra public beta. It worked. I have GeForce GTX 960 4GB OC and I am running macOS Sierra Public Beta. 3 days in a row, when I played you tube video through Safari, after 3-4 songs, both montior screens suddenly turned black, then the disk icons reappeared while screen remaied black. Then the system crashed (unresponsive). Had to restart with restart button. Then, last night, I installed Chrome browser and played the same you tube videos, i did not experience black screens, freezes or system crashes even after 10 songs, It appeared this may be a Safari browser issue. Anybody has similar experience like me?
  11. Phil511

    macOS Sierra USB boots to white screen

    I beg to be different sir. I did my macOS Sierra Public Beta createinstallmedia method. I use Slice FakeSMC & the latest Clove 3625 bootloader. By using CreatInstallMedia method, the installation is a 2 step process. The first is preparation of disk about 5-7 minutes, then it restarted, you must select USB installer again, make sure it boot all the way through and real installation begins will be about 16-18 minutes. After it is done, it restarted, still select USB installer but select boot from newly installed macOS Sierra. I also booted into white screen first then realized that it is a 2 step processes. In my case even after successfully installed the Sierra, I still booted to white screen. I decided to unplug SATA connection to El Capitan and Windows 10, that was when I successfully installed macOS Sierra. my Specs are: MB Asrock Z97 EXtreme6 CPU: Xeon E-1225 V3 MEM: XMP G. Skill 32 GB ( x 8GB) Graphic Card: Gefore GTX 960 4GB OC by Gigabyte
  12. Phil511

    El Capitan Skylake USB

    Hi Chris, I have to reinstall El Capitan because of very poor graphic performance. When I try it on MacPro 5.1 SMBIOS, it panic and never recover. When trying to I install El Capitan again, I was not able to reinstall at all as it panic. Any suggestion that can oovercome the panic issue would be highly appreciated.
  13. Phil511

    AMD Instaler

    @tle88, you are confusing this thread. Skylake is Intel 6th gen CPU and this is exclusively for AMD CPU. Anyways, this AMD installer will not work for Intel CPU. There is a separate bigger forum for Intel CPU. I don't have any AMD CPU at the moment but because of CPU price difference and what I need from a CPU, maybe AMD CPU is a better value oveall for me for my future use.
  14. Phil511

    Pandora's Box 2.0 Candidate 3 roll out

    Can I use Pandora to create installer for El Capitan as long as I use Pandora in 10.10 or down to 10.7, correct?
  15. @LoBlanc, Clover 3280 has SIP disabled by default. Try this, in your first boot, install all third party kexts and patched AppleHDA. Use the following URL to get Repair Permissions tool to repair disk permissions. Enable SIP and reboot. Good luck. El Capitan is not the same Mac OS X like what we are use to. Apple has quietly put in a big monkey wrench into the whole OS. Too far we know SIP implementation & also USB. There maybe some more. Try and let us know. That tool as the author explained is specifically design for El Capitan has Apple took out disk utility ( disk repair permissions out of El Capitan). Good luck! https://www.firewolf.science/2015/07/repairpermissions-v2-0-cli/