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  1. I'm having issues as well. I'm currently running mavericks and downloaded the Yosemite upgrade. I formatted my 32gb flash disk, excited the terminal commands and installed clover to the flash disk. No erros there. However when I boot from the UEFI flash disk my clover is empty and I cannot select the Yosemite installer. Any pointers on where to look?
  2. Hibernation issues

    If installed OSX 10.6.3 and succesfully updated to 10.6.6. Everything in the post installation went fine and all my hardware is working great. I have been trying to get the hibernation mode to work and that resulted in some strange problems: I set hibernatemode to 3 and then tried to get the machine in sleep mode. It shuts down but the fans don't and I was not able to rewake the machine with keyboard of on/off switch. I then restarted the whole machine by holding down the power button. That is where it gets interesting. The machine boots, then restarts, then restarts again and then doesn't even get into the BIOS setup. It doesn't boot at all. Even with no power at all the machine never gets to the bios at all. I did a CMOS reset and after that I see the machine waking up the kernel and all was well again? Any suggestions on what to do?