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  1. 18 hours ago, Mieze said:

    @Henry2010 It also works when injected by Clover, I personally verified this on my test machine, but as I used latest Xcode version to build, the binary only works on Catalina. For Mojave you need to build from source. I will also provide a prebuilt binary for Mojave ASAP.



    Thanks. I'll wait for the official release then.


  2. On 1/11/2020 at 12:45 AM, MBP2016 said:

    Thank you, @HmO.


    It looks like I'll need to continue looking for the kext for it then.  I didn't find it yet on RealTek's site.


    have you tried that "Realtek USB FE / GbE / 2.5GbE / Gaming Family Controller Software Quick Download Link"

  3. 2 hours ago, txlajiwo said:

    Hello, could you please help to check whether realtek killer e3000 can use this driver? Thank you very much!


    Realtek Killer E3000 is based on RTL8125/RTL8125AG.


    And could you delete the translated texts you quoted? It's unnecessary to quote #1.

  4. The new card has the same device ID as 580's. And it's also called Radeon Pro 570. That means it could work in Mojave.


    So this is better than that "580 2048SP", at least, considering the actual 570 has started becoming unavailable.





  5. I'd love to try Mojave. Would there be any downide since I'm using a 6670? :)


    alright I'll stay on 10.13... :|



    Known issues:

    - Graphics anomalies: Currently, pre-metal video cards used in Mojave will produce a weird darkish grey Menu Bar and Finder sidebar when using the light theme. In the dark theme, however, these anomalies are not present.

    - AMD Radeon HD 5xxx/6xxx series GPU acceleration: Currently, it is not possible to get full graphics acceleration when running Mojave on a system with a Radeon HD 5xxx or 6xxx series GPU. This includes the 15" and 17" MacBook Pro systems (MacBookPro8,2 and 8,3). If you want to enable GPU acceleration on these machines, you'll need to disable the AMD GPU. Weird colors will also be produced when running Mojave with one of these video cards installed/enabled.


  6. Well, The 750TI, 1050 and 1050TI has a dual-slot cooler which imo makes it hard to put it in a LP case.

    They would not fit in my Dell Optiplex 755, nor in my NEC Powermate VL280. Which is a shame, since otherwise I'd have got one of these instead

    I googled your cases. To fit the cards in, you can remove the fans actually, since they don't run anyways if you don't play games. I also believe your office has AC, right?



    BTW, the latest NV driver supports 1030 now. I found a post about it on a certain x86 dot com

  7. I have updated to 10.12.4 and my 6670 doesn't flicker. But I have to stay at clover 3974. Any version after that will give me a black screen after a verbose boot.


    So this is related to the graphic card? (reading previous posts now) Thanks.


    :) Here is my current Clover config https://pastebin.com/Btq9wj2q




    OK, just removed all ATI FB patch codes and clover 4035 works now, with GPU recognized as 6xxx again. still no flicker (?). how can I reproduce this problem to help?