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  1. Waiting for DSMOS, Lion

    I have used an HDD image, so there is no installer. If i boot on DVD, loading stucks on Bug: launchctl; 2408
  2. Waiting for DSMOS, Lion

    Can i ask you one question - how do i repair permission on not booting Lion?
  3. Waiting for DSMOS, Lion

    Updated to newest revision - no changes.
  4. Waiting for DSMOS, Lion

    I have it, and it "presents" before stuck.
  5. Waiting for DSMOS, Lion

    Today i have installed Lion on my PC, but loading stucks at "Waiting for DSMOS". My specs: RAM - 2Gb CPU - Dual-Core E5700 Video - nVidia GT240 HDD - 1Tb Lion 10.7.3. Thanks. Oh, and my mother board is MSI G31-M3 F with 3 audio ports.
  6. GT 240 and Leopard 10.5.6

    Ok,i have installed Mac OS X and i have a question for you. How to enable a nVidia GT 240 Videocard?If i install kext's during the instalation (i have tried not all) it show's to me a Mac-BSOD screen. I can't change resalution and enable Quarz Extreme,other things and...i don know. Please,help me in my problem. With best wishes Leomoskva. P.S:Sorry for my english and for nOOb questions:unsure:
  7. MSI G31m3-f v2

    Hello. I'm a new in the hackintosh world and i need your help. I have tried many images of hackintosh'es but they are dont work:( They are stopping after install with "blah-blah-blah 4096 buffer header" or after that darwin loads.(it reboots my computer when "Apple" logo shows to me) Can you please give me a patched bios or call me a name of the release of hackintosh,please! Oh..my "devices": Mobo:MSI G31m3-f v2 (AMI BIOS 1.7) DVD-ROM:IDE LG blah-blah-blah Video:Palit Nvidia GT 240 HDD:SATA Western Digital 80GB Processor:Intel Dual-core E2160 1.8 SSE/SSE2/SSE3/SSSE3 RAM:2 GB DDR2 P.S In bios,i cant set RAID mode from IDE to AHCI Update:I have some progress.When i'm booting the retail version,it stucks on "AppleDecryptor"(Yes,i called it wrong)