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  1. Guys, I replaced WiFi adapter, but still can't login to App Store and iCloud. What I doing wrong? Fixed. When I tried to explain my self what can be wrong I saw that WiFi (which was replaced) identified as en3. It can be right for normally Mac. So what can I do to fix it? 1. First of all I deleted all network adapters. 2. After this I delete file with network adapters description in /Library/Preferences/System Configuration/NetworkInterfaces.plist 3. Switch off everything except WiFi 4. Reboot 5. Go to Preferences and add WiFi (FIRST!) 6. Add all another adapters 7. Profit!
  2. Unfortunately, nowhere.
  3. By the way, the better way to install new kext is using Kext Utility, because utility update caches and user rights. And it doesn't matter that you used whole drive. I used whole SSD too (of course, I used some small partition for EFI boot).
  4. Use Uni Best and UX31A.zip which you already find. If you will have problem with audio, you can take my auido zip on the previous page.
  5. On EFI which must be formate as FAT16/32. And yes, after installation you must add new option in BIOS like \EFI\CLOVER\CLOVERX64.efi
  6. I used kexts only from one post from 32 page (or not?) named UX31A.zip I change only IOAudioFamily in the package. And by the way, I tried to use myHack and it was isn't success... Only multi be ast help me.
  7. While you booting with USB stick it doesn't matter which DSDT and all over you are using. Because you boot with pre-installed settings from USB stick. By the way I didn't have any problem with boot while I use USB stick.
  8. Asus Zenbook UX31A-DH71

    You can read this thread about UX31A http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283038-zenbook-prime-fixes-mods-tweaks-etc/ all what you see for 10.8.5 is compatible with 10.9 (in my expirience). And you can find all kexts with plst and dsdt.
  9. ALC269 not work

    I use patched AppleHDA with proper IOAudioFamily and it's working fine.
  10. Clover boot1 Error

    I has this problem when I use entire SSD for Mac OS X. Nothing helped while I did two partitions on SSD. One for FAT32 with GPT (used only for booting) and one large for Mac OS. I installed clover to first partition and after it problem was solved.
  11. I can suggest that you are using 32bit kernel. I saw 3Gb RAM usage only with Clover32...
  12. installed but boots only from usb

    Why 10.6? Maverick normally boot.
  13. If you mean Intel Centrino WiFi so it is impossible. You need to swap WiFi adapter for any supported model (like DELL DW1702 ATHEROS AR5B195 HALF-MINI WIRELESS N + BT BLUETOOTH COMBO MINI-CARD). Kexts for audio in attach. AudioKexts.zip
  14. Why don't work sleep mode if I close laptop? And work if I press Fn+F1?