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  1. Ugh... I always HATED the glossy screens on the Sony Vaio line. This looks exactly like those, down to the keyboard.
  2. miazmaticdotcom

    Attack of the Clones!

    Yawn, the case looks like one I can get for $10 at Fry's. Now if they had taken time and effort to make it look like a real Macintosh by custom-fabricating lookalike cases, like this guy, then it might be interesting. It's just another whitebox being sold under an Engrish name.
  3. miazmaticdotcom

    What is your Mac workflow?

    I find that I'm recording audio often (both on my iBook and the Hackintel) so Logic Express is my most frequently used app. Besides that, iTunes, Adium, Safari, Terminal, Reason, ssh, Traktor for DJ gigs, and the Audio MIDI Setup Utility (woot Aggregate Device Editor!)
  4. miazmaticdotcom

    XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    I can't get to the video through Vimeo, or through the direct link. I smell trickery.
  5. miazmaticdotcom

    Relative intel Mac Mini speed

    I ran the benchmark, but I don't see where similar scores are available for the Mac Mini Core Duo. I'll hold onto that link though, should I come across an unsuspecting Mac Mini to run it upon (hello, Apple store...)
  6. miazmaticdotcom

    Relative intel Mac Mini speed

    I don't have time for gaming but I do some audio and video work - my 2.8GHz OSx86 box screams past my 1.33Ghz iBook with the universal binary iApps on it. However, maybe my initial question wasn't clear. I am wondering if it would be wise to replace this machine (2.8GHz Celeron D, 80GB Sata, 512 PC3200, Intel GMA900) with a 1.66GHz Core Duo Mac Mini. All the specs on the Mini are equivalent or better except the processors. So in short I need a way to compare the performance under Mac OS X of the Celeron and the Core Duo. I know Mac OS X is very good at taking advantage of the two cores, and that more RAM would speed things up significantly. But is it wise to buy now, or wait until the Mini contains a higher clocked Core Duo?
  7. Hey everyone, I am considering selling my hackintosh (with XP on it, of course) and buying an Intel Mac Mini as they are small and quiet. However, I need some way to realistically compare the performance of the two before I go through with such a decision. I've been looking at the Xbench scores of the new Mac Minis, but have found them to be quite disparate (ranging from the lower 50s to upper 70s for the Core Duo model alone) so I need additional information before I can make a decision. My first instinct was to track down the SPECint benchmark - the very one Apple uses to advertise the speed of these machines - and run it on the one I might sell in order to see how it stacks up. I later discovered, however, that even a minimal license for this benchmark software is $500+. So much for that. Any other ideas to help me make an informed decision?
  8. miazmaticdotcom

    My Mactel in a G4 Case

    Gibt es bei euch auch kleine Mac-repair laden? Die haben vieleicht kaputte oder teilweise altere G4s zu guten preisen.
  9. miazmaticdotcom

    OSx86 10.4.4 Leaked

    IIRC Intel said that the 945 based boards can support EFI, so the lucky ones of you that own them should flash over Ye Aulde Bios.
  10. what happened to the Megahertz Myth? Because you are now shipping Intel machines at the same clock speeds as your PowerPCs, and claiming they are faster. My next laptop will have a SPARC chip in it. Humph.
  11. miazmaticdotcom

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    How do you get that Processor window?
  12. miazmaticdotcom

    OSx86 for actual work

    I've used it to develop a PHP/MySQL in Xcode. I've also used it for stuff that can run natively and take advantage of this box's relatively beefy CPU - converting from FLAC to MP3, extracting Xbox ISOs. As long as you don't use anything under Rosetta, it is a pretty screaming OS. Anything you can get the source for, don't settle for emulation - recompile for i386. Can't wait for that iTunes Unibin...
  13. miazmaticdotcom

    SSE3 will be optional

    "SSE3 is an optional hardware feature on MacOS X for Intel." An interesting read: http://developer.apple.com/hardware/ve/sse.html