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    Darwin 11.2.0 Atom Kernel for HP Minis

    Yes, I do have working Wifi - I have an BCM4312 Card which I rebranded to an Airport Extreme Card
  2. Hello Hackintoshers! :-) The Credits go to Nawcom for creating the Original Atom diff and Meklort for his Injection Method! Also this forum here where I found the solution for the lapic_native.c problem! Thank you Some of you who tried to install OS X Lion on a HP Mini 110 may get the error saying that there is a Bug in the file "lapic_native.c" (like me), so I decided to apply Nawcom's diff for Intel Atom Netbooks to the Darwin 11.2.0 Source (OS X Lion 10.7.2), and add the fix used by many other HP Laptops. Tested on a HP Mini 110 - 3500 - Installing and running 10.7.2 (With iAtkos installer). The Kernel is 18 MB and supports 32 and 64 Bit. mach_kernel (HP Mini fixed).zip
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Broadcom 4312 WiFi Card for OSX. I'm using it on my HP Mini 110. Then I installed the 10.6.7 Combo Update an now WiFi is broken. When I shutdown the PC, Aiport won't work (I can't turn Airport on). When I reboot, Aiport Starts working. It only works when Restarting. When I shutdown the PC aiport is Disabled. I tryed to disable Hotkeys, disable HP Quickboot, enable Hotkeys and so on... but nothing works. Any Ideas?
  4. arches1

    Broadcom Wifi help

    Hi everyone I've managed to install Snow Leopard on my HP mini. The only Problem is the Broadcom4313:4727 card. I've added <string>pci14e4,4727</string> but it didn't help. Would it help to use a patched DSDT which changes the pci14e4,4727 to something which is working? I also read that the card is working under 10.5.5 . But i coudn't find out if that counts for 4313:4727. The other thing I read is that you need an working ethernet? Scince I can't change my Card, is there any way to make it work?