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    G31M vs3 app crashes

    No I've installed on 2 pcs before and never ever had any issues
  2. Hi there people. Have installed iatkos ML on the above motherboard. However everything works post installtion BUT when opening an app to install I.e google chrome, the app installer crashes. The icon bounces up and down on the dock but then OS X gives me messege saying unexpected crash. Happens to any apps that is not from the App Store. I have obviously changed the security option for mac to let me install from anywhere. Can any one help. Lets me use all the built in software though.
  3. It's ok. I've sorted it this morning. Just unchecked sound and chosen system profile iMac 3.1 instead of 5.1 Now boots normally a and sound works. Thank you ever so much for your help and input. Xx
  4. Ok... I'm trying installation of my spare harddrive as I don't fancy reformatting my current installation just yet in case of the problem not being resolved, I take it with the infor given above that it will fix the boot up issue with the normal mode. It's very good of you to help me like this at this hour. Lol. Thank you Again and I will infrm you as soon as the installtion is finished, By the way Intel core duo 2 2.93 ghz with ddr 3 4gb ram nope/ still same issue. the grphics card issue is still there. on normal boot get KP for mecd or something Audio doesn't wrk either.
  5. The USB isn't arrived yet. And kernal panics due to graphics. Not a main problem. No other audio kexks were ever installed. Have installed iatkos with the default audio kexts. ML No injectors have been used or selected during installation.
  6. Didn't work at tall. In ML Iatkos. Have to boot into ssfe mood as nor al boot won't work. Just get kernal panic due to graphics card issue. However safe mode is Absolutly fine. No audio though. Checked settings for sounds and no card or driver is found. BMW it's GeForce 8500gt graphics card. Not using on board as dont work.
  7. Cool. Well I'm on iatkos ML. Ill give it a go soon as. But I have brought a little OS X compatible usb sound thing. All I want sound for OS X sounds and the odd few things. Not for movies and that.
  8. Ok. Thank you, I'm new to OS X. So do I just delete apples file and use Kext utility to install the new Kext
  9. File doesn't exist from the link u gave above.
  10. Right hi there peeps. The issue is quite simple really. I can change my account picture easily but I cannot see the images from the selection menu. Meaning I have point the mouse choose a invisible image then continue. After continuing I can see what the image is. Is there a way of fixing this and also... Can I customise the image to what I like, ie I'd like a OS X Lion logo as my pic? I am new to iatkos ML and OS X in general so please bare with me.
  11. jack254718

    G41M VS3 Sleep Mode on monitor

    Ok. Thanks ill try that. What is that Kext for
  12. jack254718

    G41M VS3 Sleep Mode on monitor

    -v -f. Boot stops at screen shot provided. Seems like CPU issue?
  13. jack254718

    G41M VS3 Sleep Mode on monitor

    Hmm ok thank you ever so much. I will see if I feel like doing it tmrw otherwise ill stick to safe mode for now. I can still use apps and Internet and everything else so it's not a major issue. Thank you so much for your help. Xx
  14. jack254718

    G41M VS3 Sleep Mode on monitor

    Hmmmm ok. Ill try it tmrw. If It doesn't boot via -v -f can I just boot into safe mode -x. And just simply move the back kexks back into /extensions