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    Its just hangs at boot with this bios doesn't make any sense. B75MHD3_Mojave.F5.zip
  2. snakeman


    Guys I think after three failures, I would like someone to help me out here! 1. Manufacturer: Gigabyte 2. Model: GA-B75M-HD3 (rev. 1.0) 3. Chipset: B75 4. Bios Version: F5 5. Bios link: http://download.gigabyte.eu /FileList/BIOS/mb_bios_ga-b75m-hd3_f5.exe 6. OS version As: High Sierra / Mojave Awesome site thanks for the help I tried one from another site, and all three of mine just hang after I put in the instal usb sonicman66
  3. Kind Sir I really need your help I have a intel 945GCNL I know its old but I want to use it as media center with mini4.1 in the end. but all it does is crash. I finally have it installed via my optiplex 760M/T but as soon as I place it in the intel Box it crashes at take a look at the pic. This motherboard does not have ache so I added ataport ache etc kexts to the other folder which does not help. Some have had success with optiplex 745 no ache also but mine keeps crashing I think I'm missing a plugin or edit it does not like my smbios 10,1 either, Help, sonicman66
  4. Hello Gents, my mic is not working for some reason. I'm using the Modified hda not the on the fly method. So much for Siri! Any hints I will gladly take them. Bootup seems to be a lot longer if I use a Nvidia card! I lost my vpn ppp client, I am very sad . Oh yeah and I loose my ethernet if I let the machine sleep for long periods of time. Cheers, snakeman
  5. Please add support for the Asus X55C group of Sandy Bridge Laptops! snakeman
  6. Thanks, I have a few more cards lying around to try; GF119 hmmmmm. I checked online for some cards, thanks again. Now to update my motherboard bios to see if fast boot actually works. ozmosis or clover??? Report back later. Update: My GF119 works so far. Its a Zotac 610 1 gig card. Wow, very happy with that one, very surprised. Here is the exact card. https://www.zotac.com/us/product/graphics_card/gt-610-zone
  7. Yes, I'm happy very happy. I need to find some of those G210s (GT218) please send me a link with the one with the correct rom size. Cheers, snakeman
  8. No way really I have a GT210 Im dying to try but I'm afraid!. I really need another uefi graphics card laying around for trouble shooting and bootcamp! Going to try the EVGA first. Fingers crossed. snakeman Update: It worked in windows 7 "gpu-z" has a check mark on the UEFI square wow. I used this tool to create my GOP. "Awesome! GOPupd is another tool for adding GOP support to video cards. I mentioned it earlier in the thread." Thanks Andy Vandijck Thanks Riley and everyone that risked their cards. New Update: GT218 did not work for me. Error: rom image to large for eeprom
  9. Ok guys I have strange one here. When I look at the database my EVGA bios should be a 178k bios but when I use gpu-z its only 92K. Here is the link to my Card. http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/130178/evga-gt640-2048-120511 Its the 2 gig card. I know I need at least 128K to update to GOP. Basically the same cards as the two gig card in the photo http://www.macvidcards.com/store/p36/Nvidia_GT_640_1_GB%2C_2_GB_or_4_GB.html
  10. snakeman

    ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB SD over DSDT @Yosemite

    I'm happy with dual monitors forgetting hdmi for now thanks for all the previous post. snakeman
  11. snakeman

    ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB SD over DSDT @Yosemite

    Sir, I have a ati 4850HD with 512 megs of ram I tried what you have done and did not work for me! If you have chance can you give me a few tips, currently I do not have an ati dvi to hdmi adapter. For now I just want dual monitors working. Exotic patch only gives me one monitor! Working with two monitors now! I used the fakeid and that worked so far. I will check in later. snakeman
  12. Dude, if you are still around I need some help and additional info. AHCI UEFI at all and send the files if you have them ......... Which revision are you working with? snakeman
  13. snakeman

    QE/CI Yosemite ATI HD 4850

    What about dual monitors? snakeman