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  1. Hi guys I'm new at all the Hackintosh scene but I want to get into it. Here are my specs: Intel Q6600 , Motherboard ASUS P5KC , 8 gb of Ram Patriot (low latency), Audigy Sound card, ASUS EN8400 GS Silent 512mb, 1 SSD Kingston 64 gb , 1 Storage Hd WD 320 gb. Everything runs perfectly smooth , I can't complaint. I have Snow Leopard 10.6.3 updated to 10.6.6 installed with all the updates for Java , Itunes and Safari 5.0.3 working great, I also have installed programs such as : azapper , Forklift, Adobe acrobat X Pro , TechTool Pro ,Apple iLife , Office 2011 for MAC , Roxio Toast Titanium etc. This is my problem , I don't have Quartz Extreme Enabled, is the only thing I can't get to work. But Im looking the answer to this: --Why when I make a fresh installation ,the very first time that the system boot the video card is working with Q/E enable and all...I can see the fancy presentation (the out of space welcome in differents languages) I even click on FRONT ROW and works great , I have transparency on the menu bar , but as soon as I install anything and I mean anything at all (the sound card kext for instance to get my audigy to work)the next time I'd reboot BUM ! no more Q/E enabled... I even tried a gforce 9500 gt 1 gb and same deal , from the get go Q/E is enabled but as soon as I install anything , good bye Q/E on the first reboot. WHY ?? Any suggestions guys ??? Every wrong doing trying to fix this , ends up on a fresh installation , Im getting frustated already.I can install iAtkos S3 v2 with my eyes close right now...but that's not the point, I want my hackintosh to work 100 %. Right now Im looking at my screen (after a fresh installation) with Q/E Enabled , but Im afraid to install anything 'cause I know it'll go away after the first reboot There's things I still dont understand very much, about strings and things I've been reading online , but Hey I'm here to learn, so any help would be really appreciated.