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  1. therpham

    My findings about ad1981hd on hp

    Wow, it works! It randomly stops working after reboots sometimes, but that's probably something I'm doing wrong. Thanks a million!
  2. therpham

    iATKOS and OSx86 (FAQ)

    I've got this installed and running okay, but I noticed when I boot it's loading the mach kernel, though I chose all the EFI options during the install and have a compatible system. Do I have to explicitly choose the stock kernel? If so, how?
  3. therpham

    Analog devices SoundMax AD1981HD on HP notebooks

    I have an HP nw8440 and can get Azalia to load to the point where I have volume control, but I have the same mute button problem as everyone else. Really, nobody has found a solution for this? That's a little depressing.
  4. I have tried removing AppleThermal.kext and AppleACPIPowerManagement.kext and even replacing my AppleSMBIOS.kext with the one mentioned but my laptop still runs between 170 and 180° Fahrenheit. The fan only kicks in when the temperature breaks 180°, and then doesn't even run full speed. Does anyone have any suggestions? Even a way to manually control the fans would be better than running at that temperature.
  5. therpham

    ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    FINALLY I have 1920 x 1200 glory on my x1600 Mobility / FireGL V5200 (HP calls it a FireGL V5200 but its device ID is 71c5) 256MB PCIe! Thank you so much! Now all I have to do is get sound working and I'll have a completely usable OS.
  6. This is the best install of OS X I've had by far on my HP Compaq nw8440 laptop. Everything works except: No audio (haven't hacked at it yet) Unable to change resolution on display (haven't tried an external display to see how it handles those) Thanks a ton!