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  1. cpu killer

    Skype on SSE2/10.4.8?

    So I have JaS 10.4.8 installed with an SSE2 processor, Skype will not work (crashes on launch). Any ideas?
  2. I did a search but found no definite answer for this. Is there a way to get QE working with a Mobility Radeon 7500? I did all the instructions in the 7500 pack and now apparently have OGL as I can run screensavers, but QE still says Not Supported in profiler. Anyone have a definite answer for this? Any help is appreciated, thanks a lot in advace
  3. cpu killer

    How to replace kexts?

    Can someone please enlighten me on how to effecitlvely replace kexts in OSx86? I'm not sure how the whole proccess goes and I might be needing to do it a few times until I get something to work. I'd appreciate a guide or something quite comprehensive, I know you need to replace them in terminal using sudo and then chmod/chown them, but I'm not sure of the exact procedure. Thanks in advance
  4. cpu killer

    C640 PCMCIA

    Once more, come on
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, he only has 3 posts and was last seen May 17th which makes my task a bit harder :/. I did some research and apparently this thread came into question: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=36437&hl= Anyone can better explain how I do what's posted over there? Or have any idea what version files he's referring to in the post I mentioned? I think it might be 10.4.5, or I don't know really. Thanks for any help I can get, I really want to get this working on my C640
  6. Anybody know from which version he's mentioning adding the following to get the wireless card to work? I have the same laptop and I figure he found a way to get the PCMIA slots working.
  7. cpu killer

    C640 PCMCIA

  8. cpu killer

    C640 PCMCIA

    Hey bro thanks, what PCMIA thread is that and how would I go about repairing permissions? Thanks
  9. cpu killer

    C640 PCMCIA

    I was going to ask the exact same thing! Anyone know if there is a PCMIA controller and also if what chipset the ZyXEL G-102 PCMIA wireless adapter uses and if there's any compatible drivers in OSX? I guess we're on the same boat ! Great 'lil laptop to have OSX on, just need that darn PCMIA controller.
  10. Bump again. Can nobody help?
  11. Hey . Well I'm dwelving into the world of OSx86 and I have it all installed and running but need a few opinions/advice. First off, I have a Dell Dimension 4700. The motherboard is an i915G chipset with an ICH6 southbridge. The sound seems like it should be okay, but I can't really hear anything, thus it isn't working. Anybody have any advice to how to get it working? I know there must be a way but I'm not sure exactly which model it falls under to look through all the info and find a solution. Other question, for some reason SSE3 isn't listed under my CPU instructions, although I have an SSE3 CPU (Intel Pentium 4 530). Now, is there any way to remedy this ? I think that I MIGHT have not selected the SSE3 patch during the install; I have a JaS 10.4.6 ISO, I'm afraid to upgrade to anything newer and not have compatbility anymore. Also, here's something else. CAN I upgrade to a newer kernel and not have problems? I'm afraid because it was hell to finally get this install running and I don't want to mess it all up. Last but not least, I need a wireless adapter. I need something USB and relatively cheap (20-30). Suggestions? I was looking at a Belkin and it just seemed too crappy and no WAP support, so that would kinda be a problem ; don't want to downgrade my wireless network security. Thanks in advance guys, it's really something great going on here =)
  12. cpu killer

    PrismGT working: release!

  13. cpu killer

    PrismGT working: release!

    Sorry to bump but I'm having this exact problem, anyone have any ideas/solutions? My adapter is a D-Link DWL-G120, and it's OSX 10.4.6.
  14. http://www.tuaw.com/2006/08/08/apple-relea...ac-os-x-kernel/ Guessing that means alot for the OSX86 scene? Sorry not really sure where this belongs so I guess it's here, mods feel free to move