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    Essential Lenses

    Hello There, It all depends on What type of Photography you are entering, 35 mm--- Medium format--- 6x4x5 -6x6 -6x7-6x9 or Large Format 10 inch X 8 inch,it also depends on your bank balance and whether it is for Pleasure or Business, so in other words, if it is a Paying job, go for it. that theses lens's are for then for 35 mm slr I would always have STD 50 mm-- 105 mm-- and 200 mm-- and for landscapes, I would use 24 mm Flat Field wide angle or 16 mm Flat Field for .... Landscape... Portraiture, I would use the 105 mm lens...Sea Scapes, either the 24mm or 16 mm .. As a Photographer for 25 years I have found these lens's to be essential Lens's. This is only for Single Lens Reflex Cameras, I only used Nikon for the lens quality, It is not the camera that makes a IMPACT PHOTO its the LENS....... The Larger the Format the More complexed it is, so Stick to 35 mm. Hope this has answered your Question. nova1 By the way, DO NOT USE ZOOM LENS'S too much distortion, stick to telephoto for best results.