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    Lenovo B560 DSDT Help

    Thanks your blog is great!
  2. @iFire ok i deleted the intel hd graphics kexts and used your boot flags i was able to get into the installation menu but there it says my Program Mac OS X installation is damaged?! How can i fix that?
  3. Pgr456

    Lenovo B560 DSDT Help

    Hey guys i extracted my dsdt from my notebook Lenovo B560 from Windows 7 with aida64. What do i have to do with the dsdt now? I know there are dsdt editors and patchers. But i didn't to that before so is there any tutorial out there? For those who want to have a look on my dsdt i attached it in the attachements. dsdt.zip
  4. ok i will trie it when im at home. I added my system specs to my signature.
  5. Hey i need help. I had long time a snow leopard running in an virtual machine, but now i want to install mountain lion on my Lenovo B560. But i can't even boot to the installation menu so i used the verbose mode i added the picture in the attachments. I tried different flags but nothing worked. It needs something about 30min to show those 4 timeouts after that nothing happens. What can i do to get it working? I used this tutorial: http://thetecherra.c...oshosx86-video/ Hope someone knows how to fix.
  6. Hey hackintosh users, i want to install mountain lion on my Lenovo B560, but when i want to boot ###### with mountain lion it stucks on the grey screen with the apple logo. Then i tried the verbose mode and it stops at this line: AtherosL1cEthernet: Ethernet address: f0:def1:1a:9f:dB What can i do? Is there any special flag i can use?
  7. Hey guys I have problem with the installation of mac os x snow leopard on my old hp computer. I have an asus P4SD motherboard a 40gb sata and a sata DVD. on the motherboard is an intel pentium 4 with 3 ghz. When I start with the bootloader (on a dvd) my installation (i boot the install disk from sandisk 16gb usb). I get after a while this error: