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  1. Weird boot up behavior

    Anyone have an idea?
  2. CPU usage at 100% after boot..

    Do you have the proper ATA kexts? Because otherwise, the system will access in PIO mode whichy uses a LOT of CPU processing power just to read from the hard drive.
  3. Hi. I'm having a weird problem. For some reason if I shutdown or restart with the Extension.kext files when I reboot the system hangs in a lnattach error that eventually ends up in Waiting for Root Device. My setup is as follows: Compaq V2582 with JAS AMD SSE3 BETA 2 (10.4.8 with 8.8.1 Semthex kernel) AMD Turion 1.8GHz (SSE3 compatible) I have installed the following: X200 ATA kext AC97 Fix OrByte's RT8139 fix for 8.8.1 Patched the wireless plist file too My guess? There's probably a kext causing conflict with the ATI ATA kext that for some reason when Extension.kext is loaded when it was created on a past session, is loaded before the ATI ATA kext and leaves the installation blind to find the root. I can boot up in Safe mode, which ignores the file completely and boots as if Extensions.kext didn't exist, and I can go in to remove it and then am able to boot the system back up without a problem. The issue is what Kext is being loaded before the ATI ATA kext! Any ideas guys? @zoo101 Hi. Athlon 3000+ doesn't support SSE3. You're actually lucky it even supports SSE2. SSE3 is supported by the AMD Turion line and above if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Weird boot up behavior

    Does anyone know why this happens? It started happening after i install the ATI ATA kext. For some reason if I don't make sure I erase the Extensions.kext and kextcache files, the system just won't boot up. I can boot in safemode to remove it, but that's because safe mode ignores those 2 files. Could there be something causing conflict with the file or is Mac OSX corrupting it when it creates it during boot up. I'm using a Compaq V2582 with an AMd Turion 1.8Ghz. To be honest, my only issue with the installation is that. Everything else is pretty usable. Except for QI/CE on the X200 video, everything else is working properly. This is my ONLY real gripe with the system. I get a weird lnattach error. Anyone have any idea why? (Yes i did a forum search but found nothing related to my issue)
  5. Nope. I'm making sure they're erased. I even erased some of the 8169 files. The system just hangs. I'm on a AMD V2000 using JAS SSE2/3 Beta v2
  6. I do get that posted, but for some reason it hangs after it loads up the gui. Never loads the backgrounds image or anything, just the blue screen and the mouse. Any suggestions? I'm on a Compaq V2582, using JAS 10.4.8 Kernel 8.8.1 and IONertworkingFamily.kext version 1.5.1 already preinstalled.
  7. DVD Drive problem under 10.4.8

    Ok I got it sorted out using the ATI AppleOnboardPCATA.kext file. Everything is running marvelously under JAS 10.4.8 now. I just can't get ethernet working properly. For some reason the system locks up after the new kext Orbyte released is loaded and doesn't boot up.
  8. DVD Drive problem under 10.4.8

    I'm using the X200 southbridge from ATi. I found the ATA driver for it, although JAS says it includes it in the combo update. I'm going to try to replace the AppleOnboardPCATA.kext with the ATI enabling one to see if there's the culprit. But I will try your method afterwards if it continues to fail.
  9. For some reason 8.8.1 kernal doesn't recognize my DVD drive on the ATA cable. Could this be a bug in the new automatic ATA code? I tried tubgirl release but it loads up really slow, I never got the system to boot up to be exact. The kernel also includes the USB fix for the X200 chipset, which I have (I own a Compaq V2000 laptop) and had issues with USB devices, but that's because of the fix itself. Right now my concern is getting the DVD drive to work. Do you guys have any idea how I can fix this? Is there a known fix for this? My specs are as follows: Compaq V2582US AMD Turion 1.8Ghz CPU 864MB RAM (shared with video) Radeon X200M video AC97 sound provided by C-Media Synaptics Trackpad. Thanks to the fix, all input hardware works flawlessly with the system. I do have issues with the NIC card which is a Realtek 8169 onboard one and the wireless is not recognized either. I can live with the minimal tearing after Callisto 003 fixed. My only issue at the moment is the DVD drive not working. It worked without any problem back in 10.4.7 Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe I could go back to 10.4.7 and install the AC97 fix, along with the USB fix for the keyboard and trackpad to work and still have the DVD drive working nicely. Any suggestions?
  10. Slow install? I mean SLOW install!

    I got the 10.4.7 JAS release to work on my V2000. If you're getting the Missing Operating System error, I suggest you boot using with the install DVD inside with absolutely NO options checked. It will boot in verbose mode nonetheless. For those hanging on the language selection, it is slow, but I found that using a USB mouse helped the installation speed up. Also, if it seems to lock up, I also found disconnecting and connecting the mouse again seems to wake it up again! lol Yeah I know it's weird. The install takes about 6 hours on my laptop with 1 gig of ram and a Turion 1.8Ghz checking off printer drivers, additional fonts and X11 while choosing the AMD patches and the ATI ATA patch and also Creative USB sound (I use that for sound hehe works flawlessly). Although I did get it to work, I stopped working for some reason now. It shutdown during startup because of the AirPort kext I believe. I forgot to install the Wireless support patch last time, so I'll reinstall it again from scratch now again and see how it fares.