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  1. Anyone Tried AirplayMirroring?

    They are just hacks with smbios. And thanks, your thread did help me understand how I can get AirPlay working, but sadly, I don't have intel integrated graphics, my hack is x58. Thanks for the information anyway. =]
  2. I'm about to buy aTV so that I can stream my videos to the TV via iOS devices or my hackintosh. Before that I tried Reflection.app in another hackintosh to see if the airplay icon showed up. Unfortunately, it didn't show up. There are too many variables for my testing environment. Just want to ask if anyone has an aTV and tried out the new airplay mirroring function? I used two system definitions to test, both failed iMac 12,1 Mac Pro 5,1 Have this Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX460 1GB
  3. Mail, Reminders, Notes, Facetime crash

    Had this before, reintalled helped
  4. Facebook and Power nap in DP4

    it was released today. I have already installed the GM version and it seems no different than DP4, in terms of both installation and user experience
  5. You don't even need DSDT? Although i have heard that Z77 board is so native to OSX that it doesn't need a DSDT to sleep. Sorry to tell you that you are going to reintall OSX very soon, Apple has just seeded Mountain Lion GM
  6. Facebook and Power nap in DP4

    Congraz on your success on the installation of DP4, but em... bad news for you, Apple has just rolled out Mountain Lion GM. As far as I know, Power Nap is based on intel's smart connect tech. Only new ivy bridge laptops have them. Thus all old desktop macs and hacks will not be possible to use that feature. Maybe ivy bridge laptop hacks can use them, if people can get their hack laptops to sleep first.
  7. ML DP4 anyone?

    Running dp4 now, flawless. The new dictation works just like iOS does. Love the new features in dp4! The safari tab view is so great.
  8. ML DP4 anyone?

    Just finished putting dp4 into USB,can't wait to test it out
  9. As the topic mentioned, my time machine HDD got a EBIOS read error during boot, second time for my machine, and one time for another machine, two hard disk got this error in total. So, here is the symptoms and the details: 1.) The hang occurs during chameleon loads. 2.) Both problematic hard disk are caviar green. 3.) This problem gets resolved for a while after formatting the drive. 4.) This problem only occurs in Time Machine HDDs, for me. The only hypothesis that came to me is that this problem is caused by assigning drives to be "Time Machines". I don't want to believe that but since this issue has been around me for three times in jsut a few months, I'm starting to believe that. And since I'm no IT at all, I can't think of any solution except for giving up the use of time machine. Please, would anyone kindly suggest some ideas?
  10. ML DP3 Problems: HDA, Nvdia

    I got that slow rendering problem in dp3. However, after getting the second mountain lion dp3 update 2, the problem was solved. I'm not sure how many people got that fixed. Please share your experience. =] My Nvidia Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX460OC 1G
  11. DP3 up and running!

    You can enable sleep with your sabertooth x58? please share how you did that. All I got when putting it to sleep is the blinking power button and running fan, don't think it even reach the sleep state. =[
  12. Problem installing DP3

    Picture unclear, please upload one that is a least readable Maybe you could try installing Mac os with English first, if succeeded then it might be ML's locolisation issue. If issue continues, then try recreating the boot USB. Good luck.
  13. DP3 up and running!

    Maybe apple drop support for older chipset, again? Wasn't the first time, though x58 has never been used in any macs. Using old apicplatform.kext does solved that, no observable side effects, at least for now.
  14. DP3 up and running!

    You should also copy kernel cache and packages folder into the partition. For easy installation, you could take a look at "a fast and easy way to install mountain lion"
  15. DP3 up and running!

    great news! What about the Sabertooth X58 specific issue? I mean, is there any boot hang without kext from snow leopard?