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  1. Atomsk

    Leopard on a Shuttle K45 - MiniHack

    Can anyone with a K48 confirm whether it supports dual monitors in OS X or not?
  2. Atomsk

    Leaked OS X 10.6 News

    I am curious as to why they wouldn't give developers the build that they demoed?
  3. Atomsk

    Mobility 3670

    Hello, I have seen several people having luck with the Mobility 3650 chip and I was wondering if anyone has had luck with the 3670. Would the current driver work? If not can I just add the Device ID? Thanks
  4. Atomsk

    Dell Studio XPS 16

    Okay after trying everything I can think of I downloaded iPC PPF5 Final and I keep getting stuck on Waiting for boot volume with UUID.... I have tried switching the SATA between ATA and ACHI neither one works and also I have tried booting with vanilla -v, vanilla -v -f, -v -x, -v -f and nothing has worked always the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Atomsk

    Dell Studio XPS 16

    Okay so first two issues... First one is I am getting the Firewire GUID 00000... is invalid. Not too worried about that one right now will deal with that later. The second issue is a a little more important. OS X cannot recognize my keyboard and touchpad. And it will not go past the cannot identify keyboard please press the key to the right of the shift key page. I tried hooking my apple usb keyboard up to it and it just keeps asking for me to push the key on the unrecognized keyboard... Any ideas?
  6. Atomsk

    Dell Studio XPS 16

    A little over a month ago I bought a new Dell XPS Studio 16 to replace my aging 1st Gen Macbook Pro. Don't get me wrong I looooved my MacBook. I purchased it the day they started selling the MacBook Pros. I just needed something with a little more power and not having the ability to bump the Ram up to 4GB was getting frustrating. So after pricing out several laptops(including a new 17" MacBook Pro) I was the happiest with the pricing of the Dell. I have been using the Dell on a day to day basis running the latest versions of Windows 7 and can say I have been quite happy with it. But I still just miss using OS X on a day to day basis. So I have decided to dedicate this weekend to getting OS X installed on it. Here are the specs. CPU Core 2 Duo T9550 2.66Ghz Chipset Intel PM45 Memory 4GB DDR3 1066 Audio Unknown I wasn't able to find the chipset info for this if anyone can help that would be great. Video ATI Mobility 3670 Screen 1920x1080 RGBLED LCD Wireless Intel 5300 Wireless N(I have an Airport Card from a scrap macbook I plan to install) Ethernet Again unknown... I plan on starting out with a generic boot-132 disc I have and go from there. I plan on using this thread as my log of this installation and eventually a guide for other studio xps owners. If anyone has any suggestions/advice that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Atomsk

    Leopard on a Shuttle K45 - MiniHack

    Has anyone been able to install the Remote Disk feature from the MacBook Air onto a hackintosh? I would love to be able to never have hook up a DVD drive to my K45 and just use my MacBook Pro to read discs.
  8. Ok so with my new job I keep spending more and more of my time in Linux because at work I feel a little more productive in Linux with what I do but what I need is the ability to use OS X and Windows still just no where near as often as Linux. What I am wanting to know is would it be possible to run Linux but have a VM of OS X running on top so I could switch back and forth when needed. I do have a MacBook pro so I figured that would be easier than a hackintosh. Not to worried about having amazing graphics acceleration or anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Well I don't care about Crossfire or SLI I hardly ever use windows anymore but I was just curious because I know some cards may perform better at Direct3D than others but maybe be worse at OpenGL than the same card
  10. My 1800XL kicked the bucket recently and I am wanting to upgrade to a new video card right now I am torn between the 8800GT and the HD3870 both are similar in price and I know how they perform in windows but was curious if they are the same in OS X or not.
  11. I guess we will have to wait untill the start shipping to get our hands on the new driver Unless anyone can get access to it?
  12. I was wondering I bet it is possible to get the same multitouch gestures that are on the MacBook Air working on a regular MacBook and MacBook Pro. If I understand this right, since Apple's multitouch is not a "true multitouch" and it just senses the area of which the trackpad is being touched and goes off of that. Which is why the two finger scroll and right click work on current notebooks. Well I doubt the hardware on the MacBook air is any different other than being a bigger touch pad. This makes sense to me or it could just be the cold medicine from being sick all week.
  13. Has anyone tried out iFuntastic in Leopard? I am not able to read anything at all. Just wondering if it was just me.
  14. Do you mean the previews for files take a while to show up or that the whole thing takes a while to render?
  15. Atomsk

    front row bug in Final Leopard?

    Works fine for me on my macbook pro?