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  1. Thanks but that's actually the guide that I used to get windows 8 and mountain lion 10.8 installed on here.. Then I wrote this guide. Some of the files I used are the same ones they used in their guide, unless you have any specific examples that work better than the ones I provided?
  2. No problem, I may be re-installing OS X mtn lion soon, would you be willing to share your kexts? or, the DSDT.aml that you used to get sleep/wake working?
  3. Hey sorry for the delayed reply. Unfortunately I was never able to get the VoodooBattery kext to work without hanging, but the audio works for me using the VoodooHDA kext, and Wifi works for me with the wireless kext provided (IO80211Family.kext) I may not have the same wifi card as you, as I think mine is atheros and yours is intel. I haven't had much luck with wake/sleep either, I believe that comes down to the DSDT.aml and I have zero experience editing that file. Sorry if I am no help, I am just sharing the methods I used to get my g51jx on mountain lion as no other guides exist thus far. Good luck! perhaps someone more experienced can help you
  4. This is my first guide/post on this website altogether so if you find anything wrong with my post, please let me know! (do this at your own risk, I take no responsibility for you messing up your own machine) How to install Mountain Lion (alongside Windows 8) on an Asus G51Jx (What you need) Mountain Lion.app (buy from app store, it's only 19.99!) 8gb+ usb flash drive mac, hackintosh, or virtual box mac OS (to prepare USB) Windows 8 install disk my ZIP with required files [LINK] MyHack installer [LINK] STEPS: 1-Install MyHack to USB drive (via Macintosh machine, Hackintosh or actual Mac) 2-Install Mountain Lion & appropriate DSDT.aml/Kexts (included) 3-Install Windows 8 4-Fix boot STEP 1: a. On a Mac-based machine (either an actual mac, or a hackintosh PC, or a VirtualBox OS), install MyHack to a USB drive, when asked for mtn lion.app, select it from where it was downloaded. Allow it to prepare the USB. STEP 2: restart the computer, boot from usb by pressing [esc] at boot. Press [enter] during countdown and select MyHack USB installer to boot from. In a minute it should boot to Mountain Lion installer. Before anything, press 'English' (or your own language), and select 'tools>disk utility' from the top. Format your hard drive into 2 partitions (size doesn't matter, as long as its 15GB+ per partition) ONE PARTITION must be OS Journaled, the other NTFS. (Mac/Windows) Proceed to install Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion to the OS Journaled partition. (this will take around 20 minutes depending on HDD/USB speeds) When it's done, reboot. Boot from the USB again and this time select your new Mtn Lion boot option. It should boot to OS X with no problem. Now you need to install all the necessary components to get it working properly (things like sound, wifi, sleep, hotkeys, etc) Included are files that should be added to the EXTRA (/Extra) and S/L/E (/System/Library/Extensions) kext directories. You can add these using the Kext Wizard program. For the DSDT.aml and extensions.mkext, just copy to /Extra. (to get to /Extra, right-click on finder and press 'Go to folder', type '/Extra', no quotes.) I would recommend rebooting after every kext, so incase something causes your computer to hang (not boot), you can go and delete it to fix the problem. //- If your computer doesn't want to boot, remember the name of the last kext you installed, and boot into the OS X INSTALLER usb. Open 'Terminal' from tools, and type this command: 'rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext' (just an example, make sure you have the correct directory/kext)(again, no quotes) Fingers crossed, all should be well at this point.. My process included having to re-install os x several times due to me being unable to fix boot hangs. If you experience a boot hang EVEN if you have deleted a kext with issues, try booting with the -f flag. this will ignore kext caches and often let me boot when it wouldn't before. Once OS X is installed and all components installed, be aware you can install the OS X 10.8.2 update with no issue. STEP 3: Pop in that windows 8 disc (after restarting of course, reboot and press [esc] to bring up boot list and pop the disc in) install Windows 8 as usual, it may tell you the NTFS partition needs formatting, this is fine. just don't touch the first (OS Journaled/HFS+) partition. once it is installed, make sure everything is set up the way you like it. STEP 4: boot back into Mac Mtn Lion. This can be done via built in Chameleon or via the Boot USB. once you are booted to OSX, click the Chameleon Wizard included, and use these settings: -select Dropbox, choose "Boot0hfs", and the proper Target partition, click install. Shouldn't take more than a few seconds. -click 'org.chameleon.Boot.plist', leave everything stock besides 'Graphics Mode: 1280x800x32'. This isn't required but will fix the aspect ratio problem.. (from 4:3 to the g51jx screen size (more or less )) -CHOOSE A THEME! I like 'Choose_your_OS @ 1280x720 make sure to apply all settings Don't forget to boot back to windows and install all your Asus drivers for intel, sound, hotkeys etc! Well, that's it! All should be working great for you! again, I've only done this once (mtn lion) and wrote this guide by memory so if any more experienced members find any issues, please let me know.