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  1. I installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6i by Hazard on my HP ProBook 4520s( Intel i5 460M,4GB DDR3 RAM,ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 ), and now i can't boot it. I'm stuck at the spinning wheel, and waiting forever. any cure for this?
  2. e.spirkoski

    Mac OS X doesn't boot on HP ProBook 4520s.

    now i have another problem, it doesn't restart anymore, it shuts down.. and i see some messages after trying to boot it, and the last word i saw was Dumping.. and it shuts down. please help I tried to install iAtkos S3 V2 clean, but nothing.. tried this clean also, nothing.. not correct. the laptop shuts down after trying to boot into Mac OS X.(without showing the apple logo)
  3. Hello everyone. I've installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard by Hazard 10.6.1 . I modified install settings, selected to install 10.6.2 update, and some laptop Voodoo drivers. After successfully installing Mac OS X, I restarted the notebook. Selected Macintosh HD from Chameleon boot menu, and boot. I saw the Apple Logo for 1 second, and then, the notebook restarted. Still haven't tried Verbose mode. Someone help, please . Please reply!
  4. Hello there. I'm kinda stuck in this installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard by HAZARD 10.6.6 . It boots with Chameleon Bootloader, and when the Apple logo comes, the laptop restarts. Please anyone, help me. I've tried with "-v" and "-x" parameters, but still nothing. And yes, I saw what were the last lines on the Verbose mode: Restart fix applied Restart fix applied Starting Darwin/x86. and then the horror starts. Configuration: -Processor : Intel i5 460M running @ 2.53GHz -HDD : 640GB -Graphics Card : -RAM : 4GB DDR3 -15.6" Anti-Glare display -Synaptics Multi-touch touchpad -Ralink Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Adapter Thank you.