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  1. [Release] Leo4VMware by ~pcwiz

    thanks i'll give it a try !
  2. ATI 9700 Pro

    to have qe/ci on this card, you must install JaS 10.4.8 sse2 sse3 and don't apply any graphic patch (during the installation, you can install patch for ati x600 etc..., don't apply anything ! just keep the original kext and you'll have qe/ci out of the box ) for resolution change, callisto 006 works fine on my mobility 9700 (don't forget to edit the Info.plist of ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin tu change the framebuffer !).
  3. Ati Mobility Radeon 9600 (devid 4e50) on SiS Chipset

    arff get a black screen on boot with your method ! I have an ati mobility radeon 9700 64mb (same device id as mobility 9600) tried whith JaS 10.4.8 dvd + callisto 006 (work)+ AGPGart 2.2(work) also I don't have any ATIRadeonGA.plugin help !!!!
  4. Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    I think the problem come from ATI9700 kexts from JaS 10.4.8 dvd because in the wiki I see that this card work (sometimes out of the box) with 10.4.6 or 10.4.7. So, can anyone send me ATIRadeon9700 set of Extensions from OSX 10.4.4 and/or 10.4.5 and/or 10.4.6 and/or 10.4.7 (here or via pm or via email) ? Please !!! my email : hokage-dono (at) hotmail (dot) com thanks !
  5. no driver for now even if some people work on intel wifi family (2200bg, also 3945 abg) so you'll have to wait :s
  6. USB not working anymore

    [offtopic] is it JaS dvd ? if so, how did you get your os in french (I selected french when installing, installation was in french but not the os itself) ?
  7. ATI Radeon Easy-Installer - BETA

    tried ... doesn't work ... what's wrong with this fu***** graphic card !!!!!! {censored} ... osx isn't osx without 3D acceleration ...
  8. ATI Radeon Easy-Installer - BETA

    does it works on ati mobility 9700 ? If so, do I have to delete my existing Callisto drivers before I try ?
  9. tried on JaS dvd 10.4.8 amd/intel sse2/sse3, but nothing happened (no battery icon, no new messages during boot,...)
  10. Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    yep so wait and see ...
  11. Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    but I really don't understand how some poeple have mobility 9700 (same as me) working with QE/CI, sometimes out of the box !! and I know that some macbook have ati mobility 9700, so why osx doesn't recognize mine out of the box ? Is it different from mac mobility 9700 ?
  12. Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    Actually I found that when I want to use CallistoFB, then screen become corrupted. If I change CallistoFB into IONDRVFramebuffer (it's the default frame buffer), then the screen is normal, I can change resolution, but no QE/CI (normal ... I don't use CallistoFB :s) I tried with all version of Callisto : 003fixed : default frame buffer OK, CallistoFB KO 005 : default frame buffer OK, CallistoFB KO 006 : default frame buffer OK, CallistoFB KO 008 : KO with both frame buffer + kernel panic ! (the big STOP picture, but corrupted). maybe I'll try katana soon
  13. Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    already tested... so I suppose that I'll have to wait :s (maybe a long time )
  14. Qe/Ci ati mobility 9700 ?

    arff same as me :s:s:s really don't understand...