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  1. GA-G41MT-D3 - Sound and Sleep fails

    Hi BrushEatingGoat, I guess you found a solution for working audio in the meantime, but if you haven't: try the AzaliaAudio.pkg driver. It works fine for my GA-G41MT-D3 build. BTW, how well does sleep work on your machine? I used the DSDT posted here and most of the time the system will sleep. But on wakeup, all components power up except the GPU (XFX Nvidia GT240 1GB DDR5). The display remains dark until I press the reset button (!) on my case. This powers up the GPU and the system wakes. However, sometimes it fails and the display stays dark even after pressing reset. Edit: Sleep now works correctly for me, it seems the strange behaviour was caused by the TonyMac NVIDIA driver update (also made the system freeze and KP regularly). I reinstalled the 10.6.7 combo update and this fixed sleep and the freezes.