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  1. update from 10.5.2 straight to 10.5.6?

    running same kalyway installtion. was just wondering the same thing. i would like to jump to 10.5.6 as well or something, maybe at least 10.5.3 for spore. anyone let me and the fella before me have some info, that would be awesome!
  2. ati radeon hd 4670

    so after searching around i cant really find any help on the issue of a working driver for my model. has anyone got any info regarding this model? any help would be greatly appreciated. this is the last thing that i have to get working everyhting else is perfect.
  3. abit k8n a64 x2 3800 oced to 2.41 1gb ddr 400 in dual channel x700 ati (still figuring this out) 400gb sata botting osx 10.4.10 off 250gb sata 120gb sata 250gb pata 120gb pata 80gb pata hldtst dvd burner 16x supported booting xp off 120gb sata, i choose the disk to boot by pusing the esc on statup. i select the disk to boot in bios boot menu, i dont like boot selection menus, id rather have it so if i take one away later, i wont have no probs. i unplugged all other drives except the 250 during install, so then after completion i plugged all back in. i have 2 intact bootloaders on seperate drives, so this install is pretty much portable. this is the smoothest copy of osx i have ever used, on a hackintosh anyways sound and ethernet work just fine, no probs just trying to get the video working right. anyone want to point me to a pm of a kext installed for this noob for his raedon x700 256mb pci expressx16 video card?
  4. XxX_OSX86 10.4.10 Install DVD

    how are you guys downloading this of demon...it wont even come up. i just get site not found errors