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  1. Mac Pro & 8800 GTX

    Sorry, been busy at work...and haven't had time to read nor post. I have no issue with the Mac OS, but I do enjoy games when I'm not working. Most of what I play is not available on the Mac OS; WoW is, but NWN2 is not. Last time I checked CoD 2 or 3 were console or Windows only. Also I do work from my home machine and need to remote into my AD servers, etc... and I need Windows for that. At the time I purchased the Mac Pro, the Core 2 prices for the processor I wanted was higher than buying the Mac Pro. Add in the fact I enjoy the design of the Apple computers, and finally now they can run Windows ... I am a happy user. To complete my Mac Pro, I just added a nice 30" ACD ... this is one very powerful work station/game rig =)
  2. Mac Pro & 8800 GTX

    I should state I am only running my Mac Pro as a Windows system, I don't have a Mac OS installed. From searching for the power issue I ran across a number of posts that say you have to remove the other PCI-E cards and just have the 8800 installed. Now if you plan to switch back and forth, this is not only a pain, but could lead to damaging your Mac Pro motherboard. There are a few alpha/beta drivers out there, but I'm afraid I have little interest personally to test them. When I need to work on the Mac OS, I have my trusty MacBook Pro available. The best information I have found is located here, and there is chatter about Mac drivers, hope it helps: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=250851
  3. Mac Pro & 8800 GTX

    I was able to find a connector that would work, should anyone else be seeking the same thing, check this site: http://www.welovemacs.com/9227128.html
  4. Mac Pro & 8800 GTX

    I'm trying to install an 8800 GTX into a Mac Pro, replacing an 7900 GT KO. I seem to be at a loss as to where to get the extra power for the video card. I modified a 4pin to 6pin cable and attached it to the extra feed on the DVD (I only have one optical drive thus the spare connector). But the 8800 requires two power feeds and won't boot without it. I see there are two PCIE_B1/2 connectors on the motherboard near the PCI-E slots, but haven't seen a cable that would connect to a PCI-E card. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  5. Mac Pro 2GB 2x dual 2.66GHz Xeon eVGA 7900 GT KO 512MB Rating: 5.6 -everything is 5.9 expect the 5.6 HDD (Seagate 'cude 7200.10) Windows Vista Business, 32bit
  6. Mac Pro & Vista Business

    Well I was able to 'upgrade' to Vista from a clean install of Windows XP, but can not install clean. One of the issues I hit was the fact I have 4 CDs instead of a single DVD, which is an issue since I can't enject a CD during the installation. I'll try to get a hold of a DVD and try this fun again... Thanks JayRx & MrMac for the replies; MrMac just for reference I have a Mac Pro, which can hold 4 internal SATA II drives, thus no external drive was involved.
  7. Mac Pro & Vista Business

    Ok, I have access to Vista (32bit) Business and trying to get it install on my work station, a 2.66 Mac Pro. I can get the CD (1 of 4) to boot and get to the point that I can pick a hard drive to install on, but can't get the installer to go further. The original HDD from Apple (250GB) has an issue with GPD partition protection, I also have an 320GB Seagate 'cuda that I had Windows XP installed on. I formatted both drives and still am unable to install on the drives. The Seagate complains about the error listed below: "Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation" -This was after finding a driver from Intel for the SATA chipset. Does anyone have an suggestions on this? Thanks!