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  1. Hi, I succesfully installed Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion (each on an own WD Harddisk). Nearly everything works fine, but I do have 2 issues on Mountain Lion. 1. the system goes to sleep, but it doesn' t restart after pressing the power button. 2. It seems that Mountain Lion needs more time to start apps for the first time. Same when I open a folder or system preferences for the first time after booting the system (system preferences takes nearly 9 seconds). This happens only with Mountain Lion, not with Snow Leopard or Lion. Any ideas? Again thanks for the guide and the helpful postings.
  2. Hi tseug, hi 0nn0, I succeeded in installing Mountain Lion on my EP35-DS4 board with the NVidea GTX 285 graphic card. I had to add npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 to the kernel flags. After that the screen didn't turn black so I could finish the installation. Thanks for that, KelchElch
  3. Hi 0nno, my mistake. I tried the 285 GTX first, and after this the 9800GT. It was always the same result: I'm able to boot to the USB Stick, but when the installation screen should appear, the screen gets black and nothing more happens. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hi, I also have the problem with the black screen after booting the USB Stick. I used 2 different graphic cards (NVidea 285 GTX and NVidea 9800 GT) but without results. GraphicsEnabler is set to <Yes> and I added <PciRootUID=1> as recommended by herbalb in the org.chameleon.Boot.plist but nothing happens than a black screen. Any suggestions? Thanks