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  1. I just had this and fixed it. My hard drive was a primary master, but the DVD drive was a secondary slave. I moved the DVD to the primary slave position and it started working. Hope that helps someone.
  2. Nearly there - Inspiron 9400 / Ati X1400

    Hi guys I'm so so close with this, I think I just need a little help to jump the final hurdle. 1. I loaded 10.4.8 onto my Inspiron 9400 2. I installed the latest Semthex kernel 3. I ran the universal Natit installer (after I figured out the zip extension was missing!) 4. In the extension config file, I edited the X1300 sections's PCI ID to that of my X1400. 5. I hardcoded the resolution in the Boot.plist file to 1920x1200x32 6. I rebooted. I was certain that i'd cracked it when I saw the Apple logo and spinny wheel - it was definitely running at the correct resolution. Unfortuantely once the shell loaded everything went black! Even in safe mode it appears to be running in 1920x1200, so I know I'm nearly there. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the update Craigolio. Am I correct in saying that there's currently no on-board display solution for us 9400 owners with the ATI X1400 cards?
  4. Dell Inspirion 9400/E1705

    Actually none of what you need is there. You won't be able to get higher than 1024x768 in VESA mode, noone has worked out how to get the proper display driver working, and the wireless isn't working either. I'm in the same boat.