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  1. Of course, I should saw the wrong icon.
  2. Sure! When I force sleep the SP1, never wake up. When the energy control put it on sleep, neither it is. I see in your screen the icon of the multidisplay...Your HDMI outoput work well?
  3. I'm in the same situation. This and the wakeup from sleep bug are my current problems.
  4. In this demo video, you use a touch base ¿Doesn't it? It's the demo versión or purchased one. Exist some free app to do some similar with out pay? Your Edup Wifi Dongle works well on 10.10? Now, I'm editing my signature...jajaja
  5. Thanks for the guide! Im in the same situation, only got full QE/CI and smooth permonfance with injection kexts. But i cant get sound...you got sound working????? What do you do for that? In addition, im ussin a rtl8188cus and i cant find the correct drivers for yosemite...
  6. Hi! im trying to do tis installation with the first oficial release, but I'm stucked. Has something changed with the final OS? My screen always flicker in the installation and finally give me back a 0 error during the installation. It's a SP1 and im using the guide as said. Thanks! This is the flickering problem. And this is the error that the SP! show.
  7. Im in the same situation. Any one knows?