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    Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    I already thought that this may be the Problem. Thats realy dump. What options I do have now to get my Sound working. I´m at Voodoo now, but this is no sacrifying solution for me.
  2. butterbrot1

    Mavericks Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Hey toleda, i´ve tried your guide to getting my alc888s-vd sound working but no success. i´ve edited my dstd and patching the applehda.kext. My system: osx 10.9.1, mainboard: ga-p55-ud3, Graphics: ATI5750, CPU: core i5 750 I also tried multibaest with dstd and alc888 ... all tries left in no success. i hope you can help me getting this work. See my attached ioreg and other maybe helpful diag-hints for further details. I dont want to use Voodoo but at the moment for me its the only straw to clutch getting my sound working. sound_problems.zip
  3. yes but that sounds not very satisfying! but maybe better than no sound! i have tried this Guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...00#entry1183314 but doesnt helped me, gettig the sound working. I tried also the Pin config and all needed steps but cant get it. There must be an DSDT Solution with modded AppleHDA.kext isnt it? greetz
  4. DSDT is the one from Mammoth i guess dv5-1254 or something like this. HDMI video i dont have tried yet, but i think graphic is doing fine. ok the cardreader also doesnt work till now. but the importants thing for me is sound. does someone else have a compareable dv5 like ours, and got anything worked? please help us :-)
  5. everything is working great on my hp dv5 1160 - thanks to mammoth! except sound! i have a idt sound chip: 92HD71B7 what can i do to get this working too - so my nb is fully osxed? thx for your reply!