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  1. The driver works OOTB, no hissing sound, no distortion even after hours of playing and all channels are assigned correctly. But there are still a few issues here: - No bass output at all, even when playing DVDs. Subwoofer works in Audio MIDI Setup, though. - Single channel volume in Audio MIDI Setup resets always to full volume. That's not so good for me, because I have a 5.1 speaker set without master volume and I have to set the master volume in OSX to a very low level. My soundcard is a Audigy 2 (SB0240 10k2 A000).
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    OK, then check if you have these files in your extensions folder: Geforce.kext NVDANV40Hal.kext (for 5xxx 6xxx and 7xxx) NVDAResman.kext NVkush needs them because these kexts are the actual drivers. You can find them on the install DVD.
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    7600 GS

    I had the same problem, so I installed NVkush, it works perfectly. Before you install it, remove other kexts like NVinject. Grab the NVkush Installer from here: http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/
  4. It works! It works! (/me is yelling) I've installed on PATA, the setup was ok, reboot was ok, ... 25th reboot was ok.. Thank you guys!
  5. Hi Thico, at the moment I'm installing on a PATA drive. Wish me luck. And thanks for your short explanation! BRB in a while, I'm testing now.
  6. Yes, I installed on SATA, because it works out of the box. But my installation becomes more defective with every boot. The only failures I noticed during boot time were some journaling errors and this "diskarb" stuff. I also noticed another problem: During installation, I've put my USB mouse to the PS2 port with a small adaptor. I edited /etc/rc to get my PS2 KB and the USB mouse working simultaneously. But after reboot, Safari and Firefox crashed (read above). Until I switched back to PS2 mouse and keyboard. At least I could get Safari to start, but Firefox is still corrupted. Very strange... I can't believe that a small change in hardware combination can make the whole OS almost unusable! What if I try installing on a primary slave PATA drive? Will it boot from there? I really don't want to mess with my primary master PATA drive where my Windows is installed. And my optical drives are both on the secondary channel. I'm almost willing to give up.
  7. That was'n meant ironic, the setup is really fast on my machine. But after I downloaded Minipatcher.zip, I found something in my root directory.. a patcher binary and amd_rufus_1048_nex.txt. I installed both rufus' and the Minipatcher on my new OSX installation and things seemed to be more stable after several reboots, although Safari won't start at all. But later on, I experienced almost the same problems as written above. Firefox won't start, Recycle Bin makes trouble and DMGs cannot be opened. Next, I'll try to update my kernel to the newest version.
  8. Too late... DiskUtil just erased the partition. But that's ok, fortunately the setup doesn't take long.
  9. No, I didn't even know there is a patch, I always tried to find specific solutions for my problems. I downloaded minipatcher.zip now, but first I will reinstall OSX from scratch again to be sure everything is unchanged.
  10. Well, this is my fourth installation now, everytime the same problem. But I'll the thread you posted, hopefully there's some help. Nevertheless, if anyone knows some trick to get things work, please post it!
  11. Hey guys, I've got a huge problem with my OSX. After the first boot, everything is fine, my hardware is detected perfectly, everything runs smooth. No crashes or anything else occured. But I've experienced a few annoying things that make my installation virtually unusable. Here are the steps I've done after setup: - Installed forcedeth.kext, reboot, network is recognized, ok. - Downloaded Firefox 2.0, setup ok but crashes when trying to download something. - Tried Safari to download something, Safari crashes without message. - Tried Firefox again, but it says there's already an instance running and it can't start, not even after a reboot! - Tried Safari again, but it still crashes after a few seconds. - OK, no internet, damn. Now I tried a few other things that *did* work after first boot after setup: - Changing desktop wallpaper doesn't work, the panel closes instantly. - Console with "sudo -s" gives me that weird "mail_queue_..." error over and over again. - I can't empty the Recycle Bin. - I can't copy files to my desktop or elsewhere. - Reboot doesn't work anymore, it just exits Finder and restarts it instantly. It just seems that I don't have rights or privilegues to write on the HDD. I checked the permissions with DiskUtil, but it can't find any wrong permissions. And last but not least a minor problem: - Boot hangs with a few "diskarb" messages, but boot into GUI after a little while, though. I tried a few solutions somewhere in this forum, but they didn't work for me. Except for the forcedeth.kext and the kextunload/kextload tweak in /etc/rc (for PS2 Keyboard and USB mouse) I didn't change anything in OSX! My specs: Athlon X2 3800+ Asus A8N-SLI, BIOS 1013 Geforce 7800 GT SATA HDD (is correctly recognized in System Profiler) Did anyone have similar problems or does even know how to fix that? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance, Yutani PS: I forgot to mention that OSX now only boots every 2nd or 3rd attempt. I can't explain that...
  12. Hm, it seems to install properly now. I started Repair Disk Permissions and opened the .pkg with Pacifist. But it doesn't boot anymore in VMWare. I'll try native boot later.
  13. Doesn't work for me, it still hangs. Yes, the Athlon X2 actually has SSE3, although it's not listed in CPU features when booting with -v. I must mention that on my IBM R32 the Intel Update to 10.4.8 ran without any problems. Seems to me like a general AMD/nForce4 issue.
  14. Hi folks, thanks to the forum here, I managed to install JaS 10.4.7 in VMWare (independent & persistant partiton), it also boots natively. First, here a few system specs: - Athlon X2 3800+ - ASUS A8N-SLI (nForce4) - Geforce 7800GT - USB mouse, PS/2 keyboard (works with kextunload/kextload in /etc/rc) - installed on SATA drive (with nForce4 SATA kext) I downloaded JaS 10.4.8 AMD SSE3 Combo Update, but when I click the .pkg file, the installer stops responding, while the mouse cursor is a spinning wheel. I can only force the task to quit. This happens in VMWare and on native hardware. I tried some other packages, just to see if they install properly, but no luck! Every .pkg or .mpkg crashes in the same way. Does anyone know how to fix that? The other problem is the stuttering with a X2. I tried cpus=1, but my OSX freezes after a few seconds. I tried idlehalt=0 and the Finder seems to restart continously whenever I move the mouse. In other words: the menu bar at the top disappears and reappears very fast. Could this have something to do with the nForce4 SATA kext and the PS/2 hack I've done? I hope not. The next problem is the "About my Mac" crash, but as far I've read here, there's no working fix for AMD. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I guess, OSX doesn't like AMD very much, but it seems that a few people here had some more luck. My objective is a working 10.4.8 so that I can finally use Natit for my graphic card and enjoy QE/CI. Thanks in advance for any help! And sorry if I missed some topics where my issues are discussed and probably solved. Yutani