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  1. I have the similar problem, nsurlstoraged keep logging many error with something like the following when using the Safari. 9/23/2558 BE 2:58:03.739 PM nsurlstoraged[320]: Error: stepSQLStatement:toCompletionWithRetry - stepping returned unhandled result=11, DB=/Users/XXXX/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari/Cache.db ..... ..... many of them in the log... .... .... So, i tries a couple ways from above and some google, by clear history and web cached, and also tried un-checked the Safari from iCloud, but nsurlstoraged still have error occurring the same message. Finally, i tried by remove the files under the following folder. ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari - Clear History and Web Data from Safari menu - Quit and relaunch and check.. then, the nsurlstoraged error log is gone !! In my case, may be it cause from the caches file corrupts, it can be happen because Safari has crashed and stop working a few times in the past. I also turn back on the Safari sync in the iCloud setting again and everything back to normal, no any error from nsurlstoraged. Hope this help for someone.
  2. many thanks guys, i got everything work fine after following Flash Drive installation guide without additional patch!! so amazing! M/B: P6T V2 Deluxe CPU: i7 920 @3GHz RAM: Corsair Triple Ch. 2x3 (6GB) @1500MHz Video: EN9600GT 1G DVD: LiteOn Tablet: Wacom CTE-640 (work great with original driver at their web site) FireWire (PCI): 800x2, 400x1 - Work great with WD Studio 1TB (FireWire800) and FireWire800 box with RAID 0 (320Gx2) So happy! I'm now considering do combo update 10.6.2, does anyone have something to guide me? big thanks to dgobe and iFabio
  3. GeForce 9600 GT

    I'm using Kernel.Voodoo 10.5.6 (by combo update) running on my i7 920/Asus P6T Deluxe V2 i have tried with 3 video cards and the result are... 1. ATI 4870 1G GDDR5 - Still not working 2. ATI HD2600XT 256M GDDR4 - Work great without any patch, OSX detected automatically & all functions work excellent 3. NVIDIA EN9600GT 1G GDDR3 - Just work! after many solution has tried ! Finally... i got my Asus EN9600GT 1G work with 3 simple steps... 1. Install ATY_init.kext (from netkas) 2. Install NVIDIA_9000_Series_Driver_v2 3. Then, Install device-properties string to com.apple.Boot.plist using OSX86Tools by... Run OSX86Tools Add EFI String / Boot Flag GFXString --> Custom GeForce --> NVIDIA 9600 GT --> Select VRAM --> Select NVCAP Import String To Boot Editor then, Press the button "Apply changes to com.apple.Boot.plist" then, i remove /System/Library/Extension.kextcache and repair permission using Disk Utility, reboot.... that look great after come back !! except CI/QE and QuartzGL not work... here my solution To Enable QuartzGL, using OSX86Tools... (up right button) To Enable Core Image / Quartz Extreme, try QE_CI_Exotic_cards_10.6.1.pkg then, i remove /System/Library/Extension.kextcache and repair permission using Disk Utility, reboot.... Then, everything work great for me *Please ignore the CPU information in About box - i'm using i7 920 Sample screen from test (before enable CI/QE) After install QE_CI_Exotic_cards_10.6.1.pkg package The result from GLViewer ...but, i've tested with GLView before/after enable CI/QE.. the result still the same number... it's just the word that make you smile, not the real CI/QE... i still waiting for the real solution to get the real power from this card... and this is the test result from my ATI HD2600XT 256M