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  1. Hi guys, I have ar9285 working in 10.6.3 with patched plist in kext. But after update to 10.6.8 it isn't working. I've noticed that after resetting bios to defaults wifi working good with patched kext. But after next reboot..no wifi. What could you recommend me? Or what mini pcie card shall I buy. Which would work properly in 10.6.8? My netbook is HP mini 110-3600er. Unlocked bios Help me))
  2. prutsik

    [HELP] AR9285 Not working 10.6.8

    After repairing permissions in disk utility. I have got kernel panic. What shall i do?
  3. Help My wifi card Ar9285 worked properly in 10.6.3 but After Combo Update to 10.6.8 wifi stuck System locates card as Airport but no aviable networks Sorry for my english Help me
  4. prutsik

    Advise version for my hardware

    I've just installed iDeneb 10.5.5+Combo Update 10.5.8 Oh, I wanna buy a GF7600)) Thanks for information man
  5. prutsik

    Advise version for my hardware

    You see, I've already have 10.5.8 on pentium 4 but without open gl acelleration What about a whitelist remove in hp mini?
  6. Hi everybody! I wanna ask you dudes about latest version of osx for my hardware 1)Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz s478 1GB Ram SATA HDD !Video! Nvidia 5900fx 128mb 2)and for my netbook Hp mini 110-3600er Atom n450 1GB ram video intel 3150 Broadcom 4313 Sorry Help me)) Thanks
  7. prutsik

    Broadcom 4313

    Is there any way to turn on broadcom 4313 wireless card?? Wi-fi is the most important thing in netbook! Please help me
  8. Is there any way to turn on broadcom 4313 wireless card?? Wi-fi is the most important thing in netbook! Please help me
  9. prutsik

    [GUIDE] HP Mini 110

    Help Please)))) Kenel Panic while boot from hdd on netbook HP mini 110-3600er Intel Atom N455 @1.66 1GB 3150 Intel Video
  10. Hey, I've tried to run retail installer from external hdd but my netbook stucks in kernel panic Intel Atom N455 @1.66 1GB ram 3150 video help
  11. prutsik

    Hp mini 110-3600 how to?

    in what order install this? OSX86 ModUSB Where can I get that?
  12. Hi! Is it Possible to install Snow Leo on HP mini 110 3600er?? @Intel Atom N455 1.6 GHz Video Intel 3150 1 GB Ram Please Help))) I cant live without Mac Os)
  13. Hi, I would like to buy not expensive netbook or laptop for OSX Can you advise anything. It is desirable that the problems of incompatibility of equipment was not. Also I would like in the future to install "Lion" Is that possible?
  14. prutsik

    Problem with shutdown

  15. Acer Travelmate 5320 OS X 10.6.7 All working good. I click Shutdown then all went in right way. system turns off, But then laptop stuck on black screen