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  1. Localize Mac OS X

    Hi. I am trying to localize Mac OS X into Norwegian (nynorsk). (for personal use) I'm getting along quite well (hurray!), with some apps fully localized like the dock and some more than less like safari, mail.. and some more or less ... Preference panes went great, but "Menu Extras" wouldn't accept the locale version "nn.iproj" I'm using?? so I had to modify the english.iproj files. Anyway, what I am wondering about is the left most menu item in the Finder menu, the "" menu item, and the "Window" menu item, witch seems not to be in the Finder app. Anyone that have any knowledge of where i can find those?
  2. Take One, Leave One

    Quake Norwegian Nynorsk / Norwegian Bokmål
  3. [Random] 9999 Replies

    Still nothing but 2693
  4. I started using windows 3.x at school, Later I bought my first pc wich had win95 (Floppy Disk setup) Still, I feel that most of my early pc days was DOS based
  5. So.. I dont get this just yet Should the MD5 and SHA1 be like this? MD5= a1960475511ffb5ecc7447ac7d71d44c SHA1= e5217b9e447624d607fce46375366ffa0bcea368 Like on the frontpage, or is this one of the corrupted iso's.. burned two DVD's wich have been installing, but got an error somewhat in the middle of the installation process.. EDIT: Seems like Nero detects errors.. bad blocks... Strange.. new DVD's...
  6. Microsoft Messenger 6.0 Released

    The Microsoft Mac team has an official blog called mac mojo. there is where they talk about stuff like f.eks the audio/vidio stuff in Microsoft Messenger Mac Mojo
  7. Terrorism strikes Apple

    I kinda like the ideá of apple beeing more enviromental..
  8. [Random] 9999 Replies

    How big is today? 1107
  9. [Random] 9999 Replies

    963 Now were coming close to the end of this