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    Still waiting.....

    I also got the still waiting.. text, and then changed my cables to a more simple layout. (Originally the CDROM was secondary slave.) Now its on primary slave and the booting process goes further. (Now it does not find suitable drives for installation, but that's a completely different story.) Oh... and we are talking about the OpenDarwin now...
  2. Not quite. Im too tired to explain it, but the bios call returns the date in BCD format. That means 2005h = 2005d. But I bet also that it was a fake anyway. I haven'seen any info on starting the graphic environment on an install disk. And if he modified the graphic core on the istall cd he wold probably wrote something about it.
  3. lanny

    Rosetta replacement

    I would not be surprised if the guy at http://www.softpear.org/ come up with teir own rosetta in weeks... And we can ask the PearPC people too
  4. lanny

    dmg to iso

    dmg to iso: on OSX try this: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?sto...040121135301830
  5. I just say OSX which in Hungarian sounds lacks the sexual associations its something like 'oh-ash-eeks the stress on the first syllable. It sonds not so wierd if you are a Hungarian
  6. I'm just talking about protection in general. With the current architecture i don't think an effective protection can be used in sw or hw. Really safe methods (ie encrypted communication between hw modules) would be a death of the performance. And as long as the whole industry is based on artificially dictated growth noone would do that. (Offtopic conspiracy theory: we all know Moore's law, but do we need it? Does Photosop CS2 as much more that PS6 did? Is OSX's performance good because of it uses as much computing power, or just because a good design?)
  7. I don't think there can be a software hack. I read everywhere that this technlogy is aimed to check for sw/hw integrity. Pure speculation: the most hard case would be that if the protected software used encrypted code. In this case there have to be a piece of unencrypted code that instructs the chip to do the job. If the chip finds everthing OK, it does. A much more unsecure way (and I think this is the case) when the chip just gives out the keys, so the protected sw could decrypt itself. (If you got the keys you can make an emulator pci card, that contains your keys and uses same ports, protocol as the chip.) In any case, you can easily log the chips output, so you get the keys or the decrypted pieces of the software. Or is this completely {censored}?
  8. I wonder why they dont provide any details about this... If this is the key to everything why they dont make their infos public so we could help?
  9. lanny

    Supported Hardware

    Anyone tried it with any Intel GMA 900? http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Intel_Graphi...Accelerator_900 The containing chipsets are listed here, is not so new, you can find many motherboards with them.