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  1. i no longer have one but i updated the firmware to 2,1 i think, it didnt work in lion, unless those two files were removed. you will need to make a backup and compare it to 7.5,
  2. i also removed my disc drive and placed a ssd with a caddy, its best to use the ssd in the caddy in my experience due to no moving parts and heat,its worth it though, my mac 2.26duo boots in 15 seconds,
  3. mac lion 10.7.2 dmg works with this tutorial, thanks alot,updating to 7.3 works also if you like create 2 partitions and have one lion other snow and use snow to access the other filesystem.
  4. need help with ATI Mobility 4670 on XPS 1645

    i just brought a mac because i couldnt get support for the 4670 anyway i tried tonight with my lion 7.2, what did you use in the boot prompt. i tried a mixture of -v -x busratio=13 graphics enabler=no,cpus=1,but im getting kernel panics on the cpu for some reason will try tomorrow again thanks
  5. anyway i managed to get sleep working in 10.6.2 the simplest way to have a working mac on hp mini 1001 tu is install mac then install MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.2 then use HPMini1000 EFI Auto Setup by LeMaurien19 before you reset the pc
  6. Hi i have been playing with mac OSX over the last 2 months. i have managed to this snow leopard 10a432.dmg working on virtual box,vmware on my dell xps 16 i have made a bootable usb version for my hp mini i have followed this guide over 5 times and i havent been able to get sound control functional aswell as sleep http://www.mymacnetbook.com/2010/03/16/guide-to-installing-mac-os-x-snow-leopard-10-6-2-on-a-hp-mini-1000-or-compaq-mini-700/ i have most things working like trackpad,cam as im currently typing this with it im planning to try this guide tomorrow [Guide] SL 10.6.2 - 10.6.3 - 10.6.4 - 10.6.5-10.6.6 on COMPAQ MINI 700 - HP MINI 1000 . HP TAM TAM http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...198559&st=0 i have read a few posts but im not clear if sleep is working,bluetooth,battery meter thank you