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  1. pit256

    Clover Themes

    OK, bootable USB keys shows on Clover boot screen... Thank you! BTW, your English is not so bad.
  2. pit256

    Clover Themes

    Thank you @Badruzeus, I will try your solution.
  3. pit256

    Clover Themes

    @Matgen84, It works for me with VMware Fusion, but I had to create a writable disk image in order to be able to modify the theme files. This could be a decent solution except that Clover boot screen doesn't show any volume... Any idea of how to populate the upper row ?
  4. pit256

    Clover Themes

    https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/profile/112217-slice/ @Slice, I tried to customize your shell script, but unfortunately did not manage to make it work. I'm afraid it's a bit over my skills... Anyway, thanks for trying to help!
  5. pit256

    Clover Themes

    Many thanks Slice! I just installed Qemu using Homebrew, but don't know how to run it ... Could you please point me to some tutorial ? Also, will fusion71au's EFI_Clover for VMware ISO file work with Qemu ? I guess not ...
  6. pit256

    Clover Themes

    Ah! interesting, I'll have a look ... Thanks! / Merci !
  7. pit256

    Clover Themes

    Hi all, Sorry if this question has already been asked, but is there a way to visualise Clover raster themes for testing/tuning purposes, without the need to reboot ? Thanks.
  8. pit256

    Clover General discussion

    Same problem here. Had to revert to 4077...
  9. Thank you Fred for your reply, unfortunately I think it is beyond my skills. So, unless someone can provide some kind of tutorial, I will stay with shilohhh's AGDPfix script... Thanks anyway
  10. Hi FredWst, Will it work with my Gigabyte GTX 970 or do I need to edit something in the kext ? Thanks.
  11. It doesn't work for me on 10.11.6... I have 2 monitors, one connected via DVI DP and the other via HDMI.
  12. Hi Mieze, What is the latest release of your Kext ? I thought it was the 2.1.0 but I recently found a 2.1.0d0 release, so I'm a bit confused... Thanks!
  13. pit256

    10.9 GM Released.

    Where did you find it ?
  14. pit256

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    No more audio for me with DP5... Have tried different AppleHDA/HDAEnabler combinations for my ALC887 without success.