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  1. Thanks neozeed but unfortuntaely that doesnt really help. I wanted to create my own osx without using deadmoo's image. I did reset the permissions and also tried using -v... but with no help. So any more ideas?
  2. Hi guys Now when i try to run my x86 in either native or VMWare it freezes when booting up at the point where the MacOSX logo comes up with the progress bar... the mouse still moves, but nothing is happening. I have tried -x, -v, -f and nothing helps. Even under -v it tells me its starting LoginWindow and then the blue screen appears and it freezes so unfortunately i dont get to see the error So to get to this stage i decided to do a fresh native install of x86 (so yes, i have previously had it working on my computer so the hardware is compatible) so i created the Darwin 8.0.1 install on a native partition, installed x86 in PearPC, ran VMWare and manually applied Maxxuss0.4 patches and repaired permissions and combined the Darwin and x86 installs. Then the problem occurs when i try to boot. Any ideas? I've tried reinstalling 4 times and it always has the same problem.