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  1. Atheros AR9285 no IP or internet acess

    i had try many method and afford on AR9285, But it still no function, same your’s symptom. finally i use BCM94322. all fix.
  2. 3G ZTE HSUPA USB Stick MF110 Working, no patch and other Kexts.
  3. Atheros 5005G under 10.6.7 [Not Working]

    did u try atheroswirelessadapter.pkg? but i use legacy_kernel-10.7.0 @ OSX 10.6.7 64bit: C2D E6600, P5KPL-AM, GT210 512MB, 4G RAM Work Fine...
  4. Voodoohda 2.7.2 enable P5KPL-AM (VIA VT1708B) With Sound

    Someone improve it tell me how to thanks
  5. Voodoohda 2.7.2 enable VIA VT1708B With Sound Voodoohda 2.7.2 Need Modify Info.plist. The Idea come from below: Test Platform : Snow Leopard 10.6.7 64bit Asus MB: P5KPL-AM CPU: C2D E6600 Display: GT210 1024MB PCI-E RAM: 4G VT1708B Only 6CH (WORKING WITH SOUND ONLY, Other Not SURE) HD: SATAII (1). UDMA III (2) DVD: SATAII Type: Ethernet Controller (TPLink 5005G WORKING) Bus: PCI Vendor ID: 0x168c Device ID: 0x001a Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x168c Subsystem ID: 0x1052 Revision ID: 0x0001 BSD name: en0 Kext name: AirPortAtheros21.kext Location: /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortAtheros21.kext Version: 424.14.5 Type: Ethernet Controller (NOT WORKING) Bus: PCI Vendor ID: 0x10ec Device ID: 0x8136 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1043 Subsystem ID: 0x8347 Revision ID: 0x0002 Link Width: x1 BSD name: en1 Kext name: RealtekRTL81xx.kext Location: /Extra/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/RealtekRTL81xx.kext Version: 0.0.67 VoodooHDA CFBundleIdentifier org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA InhibitCache IOClass VoodooHDADevice IOMatchCategory VoodooHDADevice IOPCIMatch 0x27d88086 IOProviderClass IOPCIDevice IOUserClientClass VoodooHDAUserClient MixerValues iGain 0 iMix 0 NodesToPatch Codec 0 Config 0x01014010 Conns 22 Node 28 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x02214020 Conns 37 Node 29 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x01011040 Node 25 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x01813050 Conns 23 Node 27 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x02A19060 Conns 20 Node 30 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x07451170 Node 33 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x07431180 Node 32 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x01012090 Node 35 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x01A190A0 Node 26 Type 4 Codec 0 Config 0x903701B0 Node 31 Type 4 P5kplam_VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  6. Someone Know VoodooHda VT1708B Info.plist Channel Mapping Address

    thx very much... i try it....
  7. Someone Know VoodooHda VT1708B Channel Mapping Address at Asus P5KPL-AM (10.6.7 Snow Leo. VoodooHDA 2.6.2 Kext) because my mac voodoohda has wrong channel mapping to VT1708B, When open it at System Perf.. . it seem map to my video card HDMI Channel. i guest need to modify voodoohda channel mapping at Info.plist Someone can tell me VT1708B Base Address, VoodooHDA (lnfo.plist) Modify Method, What symbol and value need to be add. THX Very Much.
  8. Apple Azalia Audio for 64 bit?

    i searched many place, it’s seem no 64bit version. i guest need to modify voodoohda channel mapping. because my mac voodoohda has wrong channel mapping to VT1708B. it seem jam to my video card HDMI Channel.