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    Slow Hard Drive Performance ICH10

    Sooooo... how/where do I make these changes?
  2. Has anyone noticed that on the Asus P6T that Disk Utility detects the sata ports as "External"? That most likely is where the problem resides.
  3. hmmmmmmmmm hold tight I got to run a few more tests... I copied the SL retail dvd over to it 3 times... and it went fast as hell.... now I'm trying to install and its hanging.... wtf!!!
  4. Amen for Chameleon!!! If you use this, you only need a modified com.apple.Boot.plist in /Extra with the following options per the boothelp.txt that I suggest: Options useful in the com.apple.Boot.plist file: Wait=Yes|No Prompt for a key press before starting the kernel. "Quiet Boot"=Yes|No Use quiet boot mode (no messages or prompt). Timeout=8 Number of seconds to pause at the boot: prompt. "Instant Menu"=Yes Force displaying the partition selection menu. GraphicsEnabler=Yes|No Automatic device-properties generation for graphics cards. VideoROM=<file> Use an alternate ROM image (default path: /NVIDIA.ROM). VBIOS=Yes|No Inject VBIOS to device-properties. EthernetBuiltIn=Yes|No Automatic "built-in"=yes device-properties generation for ethernet interfaces. If you do these things... no need for efi strings for graphics ... and your time machine will work with the EthernetBuiltIn set to YES for EN0... and it will automatically countdown/load SL from the boot menu. Chameleon is always the way to go IMO. RC3 is no different
  5. Definitely put the disk on SATA 0!!!! That should get you past the "waiting for root device error". But does anyone know why this is? Lastly... I did that and still can't get it all to work.
  6. What are your bios settings? Are you running AHCI or IDE? I've not been able to get this working after 3-4 install tries today. I can install from a working 10.5.8 install. I do get an error at the end that says something about installer is unable to write files to'/ or something like that. I can boot -v -x just fine... but if I don't do -x it kernel panics. I'm adding the efi string for video and have even tried removing nvinject.
  7. gecko

    Plex 0.81 - No sound

    What osx version are you on? I'm having a problem where only the first movie you play in plex passes ac3/dts. If you stop the first movie and play it again... no passthru. The issue is described here: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php?showtopic=8618 I've experienced the issue in 10.5.7 and 10.5.8 vlc and xbmc work fine, but I like plex better and would rather use that.
  8. I have an interesting find and I hope corrections are made to the AppleHDA.kext per my suggestions. We've experienced many strange problems when using ALC1200_1057_SLIM.zip w/Chameleon (rc1 or rc2) in the /Extras/Extensions folder. Sometimes sound would work... sometimes it wouldn't... sometimes Chameleon would have to be installed 3-4 times which made several duplicates in the /E/E/ folder where it extracted the Plugins from AppleHDA.kext. After much work... reading... trials and many errors, it has been determined that AppleHDA.kext is missing 2 files to resolve issues using ALC1200_1057_SLIM.zip in /E/E/. The files missing are from /S/L/E/ and are: IOAudioFamily.kext OSvKernDSPLib.kext If these files are copied to the AppleHDA.kext Plugins folder, all the confusion and problems disappear. Since I've done this, I've also used Apple Update to go to 10.5.8 with no problems! Please take into consideration my suggestions about repackaging ALC1200_1057_SLIM.zip to include these 2 files (with no modification) to the AppleHDA.kext Plugins folder. Thanks!
  9. Yea, vanilla is the only way to go. I'm still not certain why sound is a little finicky. I'm leaning toward possible issues with Chameleon at the moment. I've discovered that if you install Chameleon a few times until you start seeing -1's or -2's in the /Extra/Extensions folder then sound will work after you rebuild Extensions.mkext via: kextcache -a i386 -m /Volumes/drive/Extra/Extensions.mkext /Volumes/drive/Extra/Extensions/ However, I've also discovered that you need to be booted up off a different drive than the one you are rebuilding the extensions.mkext on. I just don't get it.... 1. why does reinstalling chameleon 2-3 times (creating dups in /Extra/Extensions) make sound work? 2. why do i have to be booted off a different drive to rebuild /Extra/Extensions.mkext ? Thoughts?
  10. I'm experiencing similar things with this kext. Sound is VERY finicky. I'm running chameleon/vanilla. I've been placing the slim in my /Extra/Extensions folder.... for some reason I have to reinstall chameleon several times and end up with what appears to be duplicate kexts where chameleon extracted the nested kexts in the folder. Only after I have several duplicates and only then does my sound work. I don't get it. Another thing I can't do is just simply copy the entire Extra folder over to a new install, rebuild kexts, and sound work. Again... I have to install Chameleon over and over to make it work. Not clean at all. Thoughts?
  11. gecko

    OSx on Intel i7 Asus P6T system

    I'm getting a lot of mixed results with the p6t-se and alc1200. I'm running vanilla. I install chameleon. Reboot... everything works except sound. Go here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161430 install the kext into /Extra/Extensions ... rebuild Extensions.mkext. Reboot and sound doesn't work. If I stall Chameleon about 2-3 more times and rebuild extensions... reboot.... then it finally works. I end up with a bunch of extra stuff in the /Extra/Extensions folder that looks like duplicates, but thats the only way I get it to work. Ideas?
  12. Absolute is going to back me up on this... but for his install you must start with the 10.5.4 Retail DVD and then go to 10.5.7 using the combo update. If you start with 10.5.1 and then combo update... your sound WILL NOT WORK!!! I do not know why, but I verified it over 5 different installs using the same Extras folder each and every time. I wish someone could explain why... but for now, I'm just gonna call it FM ({censored}in magic).
  13. This install assumed you had a working mac and you use the retail 10.5.x DVD... then download the combo update to 10.5.7. No iDeneb/Kalyway or anything other used here. Only RETAIL + combo updates from apple.