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  1. Have you started a thread for the Dell XPS 12 9250 yet? How are you booting? USB-C Adapter?
  2. mac33

    [Help] DSDT fix, Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

    Has anyone swapped out the wifi card?
  3. mac33

    [Help] DSDT fix, Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga

    10.11 is running for me with not that many problems. 1) I can't seem to get the trackpad to function properly. The touch works when it wants to and the click does not work at all. the wrong VoodooPS2 kext was loading. The only problem now is that the pointer locks up all the time and the trackpad will stop responding. The pen and touchscreen will still work sometimes when this happens. 2) Brightness slider appears but cannot adjust brightness. reapplied patches correctly to SSDT(5) and downloaded latest ACPI-Backlight 3) Battery indicator does not work. Correctly reapplied patches to DSDT
  4. Has anyone successfully attempted installing/upgrading to El Capitan?
  5. In case someone is looking for a solution for the micro sd slot on your Venue Pro: O2 Micro SD Fix This worked for my Venue Pro 11 7140.
  6. Has anyone else experienced random freezes using your Venue Pro? Any model. It will just randomly freeze during use.
  7. Has anyone had any success booting their Venue Pro 11 with Chameleon? Edit: Never mind, I have QE/CI working for the HD 5300.
  8. From where exactly then? I have downloaded from the original links. It looks like brightness was fixed after those were posted.
  9. My problem is that my brightness shows up but does not actually work (even after sleep). Can you post your dsdt.aml ?
  10. Wanted to know what the average battery life is on everyone's SP2. I am only getting around 5 1/2 hours total with the power keyboard attached.
  11. I tried the guide for sp2 first. Are you using the exact files from the pack? Are you using a newer ACPIBatteryManager?
  12. First, thanks to everyone involved in this project. Does anyone have a working battery status on the SP2? I have tried the method listed in the guides (for sp1 I think) but was not successful.
  13. I spent last weekend working on installing ML on a Gateway netbook (N2600 cpu / GMA 3600 gpu) and have made it all the way to DSMOS has arrived but no luck after that. What kext/extensions are you using for your graphics?