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  1. hi, maybe this is discussed already, but (also) because of the search feature, which doesn't seem to allow cumulative searches, i can't find anything regarding the following. So please can anyone give a short hint as to where to find stuff about the following? There was a good tutorial on how to change kexts on the wiki.osx86 page. My last round of installation was over one year ago, so i forgot pretty much everything about it. it explained all the sudo, chown, chmod and those things. has that been deleted? My actual problem is that i'm stuck at the welcome screen where it says: "There is no keyboard connected to your machine" or someting like that. I know that there is a jccool mod, but i guess i can't run it with that screen on. Also, in the installation routine i guess i can only open the terminal, not open and run files that affect the existing installation... wrong? i think i already have the right usbfamily (something like that) kext-files. any hint please? thanks!
  2. Hi, i was wondering if anybody has a working Audiofire, Motu, RME, Apogee, Konnekt or similar Audio-interface? I tried it with Audiofire, in fact i only bought one because it had FW. My Hammerfall wasn't recognized by OSX. The Audiofire8 made OSX shut down when connected to the PC. If it was connected from the beginning, OSX would shut down just a few seconds after the grey screen. Also, does anybody do this whole thing just to get logic running?? If it weren't for logic, i'd never have installed this over 40 times by now!
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    firewire ieee-1394 connect fails

    refreshin the thread...
  4. yo, i boot up my osx allright, everything fine. then i plug in my audiofire 8 firewire interface and 2 seconds later the screen turns grey from top to bottom ending up with the usual "you need to restart your computer" stuff. i have onboard fw and bought a pci-card yesterday, both with via chipset, both not working. does any other chipset work better? does anyone have any kext-solutions? like changing the iofirewirefamily.kext or something? the strange thing is that i had a working installation of osx 10.4.8. and plugged in the audiofire successfully, only being really slow and producing glitches and crackles. Could be due to different installation options (which i forgot) or due to the firmware update i performed on my audiofire... please help....
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    sure, but aint this a mac forum? fl is one of the best sequencers. easy, lots of possibilities, fun to use... great program.
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    Any Echo Audio users here?

    hi! does the audiofire 12 work? with logic? i got myself a audiofire 8 but under logic it crackles sometimes like crazy. only in windows it works ok. also, the audiofire console takes about 3 minutes to launch. when i try to record something in logic pro, there are frequent synchronisation errors... familiar? solved? thanx!
  7. hi! i read something somewhere that writing (surely not reading) on an xp partition can fck that up, is that a lie? or in the long run maybe...
  8. i'll try that next time i start up (evening). although it works alright for me already...
  9. ah forgot about the boot loader: i use acronis boot loader, though darwin is maybe better because it's simpler, but it starts up osx automatically, when you want to start xp you gotta press f5...
  10. yes, no input, just output on my onboard soundcard. hd switching means i go to main - ide configuration - sata configuration - configure sata as - and then switch ide to ahci. thats for the p5b-e, latest non-beta bios (0607 i think). that was recommended in another post, and until i changed that, my grey apple screen would end up with a small crossed circle on the top of the apple, never finishing the boot process. this behavior however changed lately, and i can only assume that it was the vga and all the tweaking around that made it work without ahci, because this is the only major thing i changed. i have xp and osx both running on one hd, having partitioned the disk and formatted the first active primary partition in fat32 and installed osx first and then xp. only under these conditions would it work for me. no fat32 formatting or xp first would end up in a trashed system, and i already had f**** up mbrs after that... only when you want to reinstall osx i guess i get a problem, because then i have to remove xp also... or do i? and how about those strange folder permissions under xp, why do i have some folders to which "access is denied"? that's really uncool since some of my most important things lie there... any help about that? thx
  11. does this azalia solution also give me inputs? because output works fine for me... however the screen stayed black last time i switched on, but recovered as i put it in the right dvi-port. maybe, but less likely, it was due to the vga-extension cord that i attatched. of course with vga cable. then i had to switch the resolution to high again, and that worked, too. sometimes it works left, sometimes not, but on the right side it works always. strangely, i could even boot without switching my hd's to ahci... by the way, no artifacts or crashes on my machine!
  12. it works! i can change resolution and whatever. only i have to go into my vga-port, so it's a little more blurry i guess (as jccool mentioned). just to see about those crashes.... thanks again jccool for the help!! greetz
  13. hi again... still not working with a dvi-vga-adapter... i guess i have to take the d-sub-plug on my monitor, right?? and then, the adapter makes sense, because now i attachted a dvi-vga adapter to a vga-dvi-adapter to make the whole thing work with the dvi-plug on my screen... so the final question for me would be: do i need a vga-cable coming out of my screen? guess i'll have to try that again... damn, scratched together all my money just to buy that little thing for way too much money, and now this if i knew this before, i would have bought a x1950 or 1900, whichever works as a dvi, because this way i have to get a new vga-cable, costing 20 or 30 euros again... regarding the sound, i found no appleazalia file, maybe i haven't installed it at the beginning? anyway, i'm getting closer to heaven...
  14. thanks for da work! so the last question would be if i can buy a vga to dvi adapter to connect the vga from the dvi to vga adapter to the dvi of my monitor. anyway i'll figure that out... just gotta wait till monday... because then i only need to get a network card and then everything works!!! cool sh*t!!