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  1. Mac Pro or PowerMac G5 case mod?

    Did you get your front panel up and running?
  2. Mac Pro or PowerMac G5 case mod?

    Front panel cable, one of these, splice it and join your new longer cables. then on the other end get these and these and the single 1x5 and the 1 pin housing too. Use this pin out. And thats it! nice and easy. The front panel audio doesnt work as the jack detection circuits are different. think mac relies on an open circuit when the jack is inserted whereas windows relies on an open circuit when the jack is not inserted. I think.
  3. Mac Pro or PowerMac G5 case mod?

    Considered running an external dvd/cd drive through usb? If so g5 would be spot on with a motherboard tray in it. and you can get ready made cables for the front panels. Just make sure you make a work log for us to read!
  4. G5 full atx mod

    I could gut the case if all you want is the modded g5 case. Its up to yourselfs really. Would quite like it gone.
  5. G5 full atx mod

    Just so you know, i've been selling g5 front panel cables and so far have had no complaints of poor communications, products, shipping ect. So please don't be put off that im reasonably new here.
  6. G5 full atx mod

    Hey people. I built this mod to look as standard as possible(within reason). The case has not been cut! No hard drive or operating system supplied Spec. Intel Core i5-750. @ 2.66Ghz (has not been overclocked) MSI P55 CD53. 1156 socket. Full ATX board. 4Gb Ram Pny Geforce gts 220. 1Gb. Arctic cooler 7 rev. 2.0. Bought about 2 weeks ago. Original apple DVD RW IDE drive. With detachable tact switch under carry handle for operation in windows. 750W power supply Has 3 usb 2.0(2 rear 1 front),Audio Line in 3.5mm jack, Audio Line out 3.5mm jack, Ethernet, Front LED, Front Power switch. Can hold up to 4 (using 2.5" HDD) hard drives, has sata III cables installed which are backwards compatable with both sata I and sata II. Only has VGA output on the rear, but with use of extension cables hdmi/dvi could be added. The original G5 fans are powered using 5v from molex connectors on the power supply. COSMETICS. The case is in good condition. Just the top were a security tag (from the art school it once belonged too). It is scrapped and i have tried to get photos of it. One the side of the case there is a small circle, maybe 4mm diameter where the case has been rubbed and is a darker colour. Also, there is another scrath on the side door panel. This one is not as bad as the other two which i would honestly say are noticeable This is the photobucket album from the build. http://s1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff375/guscarrie/ I am willing to post overseas (i live in the UK), however, these machines are seriously heavy so it would be very expensive for the buyer. Please PM or email me your offers at angus.carrie@live.co.uk. I will also be advertising on gumtree by the end of the week so please make it known if you are interested.
  7. G5 Power Hack

    dont know what i had done but its changed back now.ohwell
  8. G5 Power Hack

    Yes, admittedly not as neat as yours but i did indeed. The only issue is that i lowered the fan speed in bios and its started making a weird sound. its a repetitive high then lower pitched sound. Im thinking is must be something to do with the fans possibly turning in the opposite directions of each other, and at the higher speeds it wasnt an issue because i could only hear the noise of the fan itself? im really not sure. PS any idea what ive done to my fourm, instead of getting the full topic with every post set out, ive got the first post and then all the subsequent posts in short form underneath? I remember on another forum i used to be on, which looked the exact same as this, assuming they use the same forum software stuff, there was an option to toggle full posts or short hand posts underneath.
  9. G5 Power Hack

    Yes eelhead i plan too. No real need for it. Ive got another 1156 mini itx board waiting to go which i can use for a desktop in the meantime. And i think im going to go for a macbook air very soon too.
  10. G5 Power Hack

    So ive finally finished this mod. Im very pleased, and wishing i had a real need for it so i had a reason to keep it. but i dont so it shall go. DVD drive installed. Everything installed With air deflector Side panel, quite scratched up which is a bit annoying Rear of case Shots of rear I/O Front of case Next project is turning a macbook into a mini desktop!
  11. mac mini

    You can get pico psu. Which is like a laptop charger, in that it has a external block(whatever that bit is called) then plugs in to an internal board (generally attached to the 24pin plug) that splits for hdd power ect. ect. http://www.mini-itx.com/store/?c=10#univ youll see it all there
  12. What fans to use/buy?

    I would go with normal computer fans. The g5 fans are not the best. tri blade which most people see as inferior. But as previously mentioned read up and decide yourself. And just to mention connecting the fans is not difficult as many people think it is.
  13. My G5 Mod

    Nice job! i like what you have done with the power supply.
  14. G5 Power Hack

    Heres the new divider and new tact switch i changed it a bit and also added a header interface. So disk drive can be removed without having to peel the tact switch off!
  15. G5 Power Hack

    Yeah, i think i shall go for the macbook mod first. As im going away to uni come september and i said id make it for him.