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  1. Try [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] legacy from tonymacx86.com or natits MyHack installer. You may need to use -x -v with iBootLegacy CD I forget. Good luck.
  2. HP XW8600 ?

    I Have Lion running on an xw8600 using original 10.6.3 DVD and myhack. Use BCM5722D.kext from kexts.com for the ethernet, install with kexthelperB7 or whatever you prefer. The XFX nVidia GeForce GTX285 1GB works full QE/CI with "GraphicsEnabler=yes" You can only use four SATA devices (3xHDD/SSD and 1xDVD) due to the IDE BIOS setting needed to avoid "Waiting for root device" error. RAID/AHCI setting is useless, cannot install when in this setting as no hard drives are visible in the installer or Lion/Snow Leopard. I have not managed to get anything recognised on the SAS controller yet but I am giving this machine to my brother soon so he can edit HD video. VoodooHDA-2.7.2.pkg will get sound working but front panel sound will not function, I have yet to find a better driver. Other versions of VoodooHDA recognise the front panel but sound crackles and pops. Had trouble with app store so overkilled it and applied "PCIRoot=1" "EthernetBuiltIn=yes" and made sure ethernet port was en0, rebooted and all works fine. All in all this machine although running in IDE mode and dual booting Lion and XP Pro x_64 Edition is pretty quick. It gets a NovaBench score of 946 which is only picking up one processor. 2x Xeon 3.0GHz 12GB DDR2 667MHz ECC FB-DIMM XFX GTX 285 1GB 2x 500GB HDD 1x 2TB HDD DVD-ROM If anybody has any ideas on getting the SAS going I would love to hear it. I hope this helps you guys out a bit.
  3. Snow Leopard on G31TM-P35 (G31TM-P21)

    Successful install on MSI G31-TM P35 My setup: G31-TM P35 MOBO Intel Q8300 Core 2 Quad 250GB SATA (Hazard Snow Leopard for intel AMD) 80GB IDE (Vista Home Premium) 3GB DDR2 RAM IDE LG Super Multi DVD RW Gigabyte Rocket II Heatsink and fan In BIOS: Load failsafe defaults Enable HPET Disable IOAPIC Boot from your DVD/USB (Whatever device you are using to install! I used the Hazard 10.6.1/10.6.2) Darwin boot screen should appear. This will take about two minutes to get to the language selection screen in the installer. Select the updates, Chameleon boot loader 10.5, UUID, SMBiosResolver and Fake SMC. Install and reboot remove install media from drive and enter the BIOS again. Enable IOAPIC or Snow Leopard will not boot and give Kernel Panic. The on board LAN works out of the box not tested sound or graphics kexts yet but I suspect sound will work as the front panel headphone jack is active. Got 1024 X 768 resolution out of the box using the on board graphics. Snow Leopard now updated to 10.6.7 only needed to delete sleepenabler.kext and rebuild mkext.cache (used kexthelperb7). Recognises all four cores running at 2.5GHz! To update just delete SleepEnabler.kext and hit "Software Update" Safari has issues with crashing and freezing but I suspect that is just Flash! Enjoy Snow Leopard and I hope this helps as it took me a couple of weeks to gather this info. EDIT: Make sure SL disk is first in boot order as Chameleon will show the windows disk and will boot if you press any key, highlight and press enter.