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  1. alan

    Spaces in Tiger?

    Anyone tried ripping the Spaces extension and app from Leopard and installing in Tiger. VirtuDesktops is poopy compared to spaces. alan
  2. alan

    Non-Working Software ?

    Not working- Parallels Transmission Gizmo Project
  3. i dont see any way to do an automount now that Netinfo Manager is gone.
  4. quicken 2006 Home & Business still doesnt work on it. this is very alpha ware.
  5. i swapped my out for the series 12 serial number. still has a whine but it sounds more subtle. my screen pops up to when i push the latch. the other one i had to pry open. very annoying.
  6. Me too. MacBook Pro top of the line. big $$$ to aapl
  7. alan

    Quicken contest.

    I got 98 working in Q and Quicken is now working. ROCKS. case closed.
  8. alan

    Quicken contest.

    I tried the latest Q ith WinXP SP1...I got it install but Quicken didnt work. I am having problem getting Win98 install stable. I am downloading Fedora now and think of Fedora with CrossOver Office running in Q. I know Quicken works in CrossOver Office. Isnt wierd how CodeWeavers has been silent since August about CrossOver OSX? By now ever developer has made announcements since MacIntet release. Makes me think something is brewing.
  9. alan

    Quicken contest.

    Read the post again bro..
  10. alan

    Quicken contest.

    OK...my last chain keeping me to windows is Quicken Home & Business 2006. I offer the bidding to start at $200 to get this version of Quicken running from within OSX86. Not a seperate boot. I am not interested in that. Darwine, Qemu or any combo of Qemu/Windows/Linux/Wine is fine, but it must still run from within OSX.