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  1. fixing the hp 550 cold boot blank black screen issues. i installed snow leopard on my hp 550. i then put the necessary patches to get the full resolution. (my gma x3100 being 2a12 and all). afterwards i would get blank screen issues whenever i cold booted the machine afresh(after say an hour). this would be remedied by rebooting the machine severally(about six times) and it became an annoyance after a while. tried every fix i could try from insanely mac, to tomatoes, to kexts.com etc but still the same results(blank black screen with working brightness). i have finally fixed it! it took me a loooong tyme to do this but ive done it. i used the following : • iatkos 10.6.3 v2 installation dvd (md5 = 55d3aaae14435065b53acb61e3bccae2) • hp6720s boot cd v0.3 procedure i followed 1. boot into the iatkos dvd. on chameleon boot, press f8 to choose additional boot options and enter the following flags_______ -v cpus=1 maxmem=2048 (use maxmem=2048 if you have installed 2gb ram in your machine )press enter and wait. 2. upon the inception of the installtion menu, use disk utility to format your hard drive (remember to choose guid parttioning on the partitioning menu so as to ensure succesfull future upgrades) 3. once you close the disk utility, choose your installation destination and press customize on the next window. choose the following(this is the selection that did the trick for me after several tries so please try and conform for the best results) • bootloader – aserebln v1.19 • bootloader options - 32bit boot, graphics enabler, -pci 1 • patches – /extra directory, fakesmc, disabler, rtc 32bit, evo reboot. • main hardware – ahci sata,intel sata/ide, voodoo hda , voodoo ps2, • laptop hardware – battery, acpi thermal(32bit) • ntfs 3g, • vga – intel -efi string, natit (32bit), gma x3100(framebuffer 32bit) very important that you follow this vga selection if you want you gma blanking issues to end. 4. don’t bother with the networkng hardware, none of the will work with your machine yet. 5. proceed with the installation and wait. 6. when installation is successful, do the necessary user information insertion and boot up.( nb: the laptop may be unable to proceed after the part where you enter your desired username and password, so don’t fret, ,,,, hold the powerbutton for four seconds till you shutdown and reboot. 7. on startup, your resolution will still be 1024x768,. here is where we employ the use of the hp6720s boot cd v0.3. • mount the cd/dmg. • don’t install the 6720s_1065 installer just yet! extract its packages(right click and choose “show package contents”) • choose the packages folder inside the contents folder and drag it to the desktop. • from this folder, , choose the 2a12 patcher and install. this will fix your gma issuues once and for all. • reboot. • upon reboot, press f8 durinng bootloader mode and enter –v for verbose boot. look out for the line which states that the x3100 fb kext has dependencies. ( you see this, you have struck gold). next check to see if your screen will turn blue(1024x768) and then expand(1080x800) as opposed to blinking brilliant white and into the desktop. if it doesn’t blink, ,,,, your black blank screen problems are over. • google and install “change finder. pkg” or atools snowleopard.pkg (usually found in the universal snowleopard 10.6.2 installation dvd) . use the change finder application to make things visible so that you may see the “extra” folder in your root system partition. • extract the extra.pkg installer from the folder you placed on the desktop and collect the “dsdt.aml” and copy it in the “/extra “ directory. make sure you delete “applehda.kext” from /system/library/extensions folder. this dsdt will fix any hpet /usb issues you will have . (nb: it also makes it possible to use the cpu management .kext and may fix sleep issues. , just delete the “disabler.kext” from the /extra/extensions folder to check it out. • extract the “extensions.pkg” installer from the packages folder you copied on the desktop. choose the “intel 82566mm.kext” file found among the other kexts inside the archive found inside(theres an archive inside the contents folder) and copy it to /system/library/extensions folder. this will fix your ethernet. • make sure you use “kext utility” to fix your extension permissions or your keyboard and mouse may refuse to work if you reboot you now have a hp550 without any gma/usb issues . the ony thing that’s left for fixing is the wireless & cardreader. ill post you guys on that when i do get its fix