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  1. The Great Driver Hunt

    I think I have a clue to why bluetooth isn't working: from: OS9Forever
  2. I think apple's reasoning is that most new LCD and plasma TVs sold now have DVI input - and DVI input provides a much cleaner and higher resolution picture than S-video. I hooked up a laptop to a TV via S-video - and it wasn't pretty. Text was blurry. AS for the intel chips being more costly than the PPC ones, that's true - on a level. Yes, the PPC chips are cheaper, but Apple paid for the development of those chips, and also had to develop a chipset to go along with the chip - therefore mitigating some of the price difference. With Intel, Apple gets the chip at a higher price, but it also gets a matching chipset to go along with that which Intel developed. If we look at how long it took mainstream PC technologies like PCI, AGP, PCI Express, etc. took to appear in a PPC mac, going with Intel ensures that Apple will have those technologies much sooner.