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  1. [Asus U36SD] - a few dsdt questions

    Hi everyone, Thank you very much for the edited DSDT! Now I have sleep and shutdown working and on top of that less heat generation and fan noise. I originally installed dual boot with Win 7, but didn't use the mac side as much due to poor power management, lack of bluetooth and instabilities with VoodooHDA. This thread however encouraged me to put more effort into solving the remaining problems. I tried just about all kexts (including AppleHDA with edited pin configurations) and combinations of them to get audio working, but nothing seemed to do the trick. I finally managed to get audio with edited AppleHDA, HDAEnabler and IOAudioFamily kexts I found on various forums. The KPs are now gone and everything seems to be working except the internal mic. Also the speakers don't work after sleep, but this is enough for me and may be for others too. I am not sure if all kexts are needed and haven't had the time to experiment. I will upload them here in case its helpful for someone else. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly which one belongs to which forum/topic and can't credit the persons behind them. I hope I don't violate forum rules by uploading these. I tried your method but I still can't get BT working. Both files are found in S/L/LaunchDaemons but when I run "launchctl list" in terminal, the processes are not listed. Also, if I try to manually start the process "launchctl start ..." I get a message: "no such process". Does anyone know what I 'm doing wrong? (As a side note; programming is not my number 1 skill) ALC269Kexts.zip