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  1. Great! Thanks for the link. I've just installed it. No "XtraFinder Beta has expired!" message. I did this: 1. I backed up my modified XtraFinder application in case the new version did not work. 2. Uninstalled XtraFinder with the included "Uninstall" file. 3. Used Find Any File to search for any extra files that the uninstaller might have missed. Deleted them. 4. Emptied the Trash. 5. Rebooted. 6. XtraFinder loaded without the error message.
  2. mnfesq - Thanks for the info about TotalFinder. It does automatically adjust width of columns. TotalFinder Preferences/File Browser/Automatically adjust width in Column View I'm using the 14-day trial. The price is: $11.99 £9.31 http://totalfinder.binaryage.com/
  3. My main use for XtraFinder is Features/Automatically adjust width of columns. Anyone know of a alternative program for this?
  4. Same problem here: XtraFinder 0.25.8 OSX 10.10.5 The problem first began on 1st August. I found this advice on the Tran Ky Nam Software support page, but it does not solve the problem: I got message "XtraFinder Beta has expired!" Please download the latest version, run Uninstall.app and reinstall again. I have sent to an email describing the problem to Tran Ky Nam Software. I will reply to this thread if I get a reply.