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  1. 700m Ethernet Problem

    If you could, please post more information about your machine, including the exact specs of your LAN device, then more people may be able to help. Thanks!
  2. Installing the Offical 10.4.8 Update

    so this process can only be done with SSE3 enabled machines? This does not apply to SSE2 machines, is this correct?
  3. Dell 600m with 10.4.6 probkem

    check out my signature allenpan and follow the links for the drivers and guide for the network card and sound card - the other two i'm not sure about - good luck!
  4. Intel Wireless driver

    I too don't seem to get a new airport/wireless device - I do get the Airport icon in the toolbar, but under network settings, no airport/wireless device, just another built in ethernet adapter.
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    I'm seeing the same thing Aelthwin on my Dell D610 with 2915.
  6. Hey Everyone: I currently have most everything working on my Latitude D610, except for wireless. So far attemps to make a driver for the INtel onboard wireless have been unsuccessful, so I turned to trying a wireless card. Any card I pop in does not get power from the PCMCIA slot. My D610 has a Texas Instruments 6515 Ven:104C DEV:8036 cardbus. If anyone knows of a solution to this problem or has been able to get this device working, please help me out. Thanks guys!
  7. Problems with Mac

    So you have tried burning the image to a DVD, and installing to your hard disk that way? Which image did you download and what are your system specs?
  8. need help with install

    Rammjet has a nice guide on how to setup your drive as active in order to get past the b0 error. Just go to this link. Good luck! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=22844
  9. Disk1s3 I/O error during installation

    I saw this problem as well when I was installing OS X. I corrected it by burning the image at the slowest DVD burning speed possible. Let me know if that fixes it.
  10. just giving up on installing mac

    Why are you unable to download from torrents? Don't have a program? Maybe you should work on fixing that problem before heading on to trying to get OS X working on your PC - it will prove to be much more difficult.
  11. I too am seeing a problem with the Sleep mode on my Dell Latitude D610, and also have installed the powermanagement update. I also am not sure what the problem could be, anyone have an idea?
  12. Please post your system specs cdrz, it'll help with further problems.
  13. The addons include patches and fixes to allow OS X to run on SSE2 and/or SSE3 machines of both Intel and AMD flavors. If you have an Intel based machine with only SSE2, you would want to install the patches for Intel SSE2 for example. Let me know what your system specs are and which patches you did check.
  14. Hey no problem - I know how frustrating it can be when nothing seems to be working the way you had hoped!
  15. Did you install 10.4.7 from Jas' image? If so, this is what I used as well to install os x onto my laptop. The first time, I forgot to click on "Customize" during the install process. Make sure you clicked "Customize" and select the appropriate patches for your machine. This fixed my problem, hopefully it fixes yours!