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  1. I've solved this problem myself. The problem occurred because I used dual core to install my OSX, after reinstall the system with single core, I've successfully run the AppleHDAPatcher. PS: Does the mic work in OSX? The output device in the system preference on my machine are "Internal Speakers" and "Digital Out". The input device is "Unknown". It seems that this core dump method renders the mic unusable, and I remembered that before this patch, there is a "mic" device shown in the input device tab.
  2. Yes, I'm using Jas 10.4.8. When I dragged the sigmatel9221.txt to the patch icon, The only thing I saw is the authenticating window and then a blank main window with a quit button. I think this patch has actually replaced some of my files in the system, since after the patch, XLD (ape player) renders the .ape files to noises when playing them. Luckily, other applications still go well. However, The speakers still don't work. Really appreciate someone who can help me solve this problem.
  3. Why I cannot I cannot use the above method to get the speakers to work on my XPS M1210??
  4. My Broacom 440x ethernet worked great for long, but recently, a strange problem occurred. Each time before I reboot my Mac OS X, I need to copy the AppleBCM440XEthernet.kext to /System/Library/Extensions/ again in order to make it work the next time I enter OS X. This problem has been bothering me since I updated the semthex kernel, but I doubt whether there is anything to do with the new kernel, and I don't know how to solve it. Hope someone can help.
  5. Colour banding

    Thanks, paco. My Geforce Go 7400 works too.
  6. Colour banding

    If Macbook Pro is having the same problem, I think the artists who buy Macbook Pro should ask Apple to solve this problem for them. My DELL XPS M1210 with Geforce Go 7400 is having the same problem.
  7. I installed JaS.10.4.8.Intel.SSE2.SSE3 on my Dell XPS M1210. After installation, the sigmatel 9220 works, but whenever playing an audio file, the sound always first stutters for a second or so, then plays normally. Because of this, the sound effects in OS X, which usually last for less than a second, turn into noise. I think this may be due to the system starting the sound device every time when playing an audio. Is this a defect of the driver, or is there any fix for this problem. I believe there must be some other people having OSX installed on their XPS M1210. Is there anyone undergoing the same problem?