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  1. @k540kkk: good effort... you lasted longer than me just wondering if you took a look at a dsdt dump from new macbooks? it would seem to me to copy and change the connector, height and res in there would be the right approach.
  2. Wow, great work! Are you in touch with kabyl and other chameleon developers?
  3. back from the dead already with another thought... perhaps graphicsenabler is bugged... maybe we can try a dsdt patch such as wmarsh's one here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=253113
  4. I tried with Lion kext. Using RadeonFramebuffer, something strange happened. The screen was corrupt so I VNCed in and it was still corrupt but showing two screens, one smaller than the other. I thought I had a screenshot but I must have missed it. ioreg detects the second "display" as CRT. This makes me beleive that the Lion kext is autodetecting the ports but there is a problem. I have spent enough time on this now to give up for now. I will wait for Lion to be released and try again, but I will keep an eye on your work @k545kkk. If interested I have attached the ioreg tree for gfx0 and Lion. Remember my model does not have a physical connector for VGA. gfx.ioreg.lion.txt
  5. another question: did anyone try the lion kexts? I just tried, no luck except for radeonframebuffer which showed 2 corrupt screens under VNC. might have been doing it wrong though.
  6. thanks. I think along the lines of atlee's suggestion we need to patch not just the lvds line but also the vga. from my testing obviously a change in one line can affect the other... my laptop doesnt have a VGA port at all (it's just a stub on the motherboard), so I cant test this
  7. I have the first part done, that is just a nested loop to iterate out possible values from input. But it occured to me that all the values discovered have already been tested... I got the AMD driver to work perfectly in natty but I wasnt able to get useful information. Opensource driver detected lvds and resolution but showed a corrupt screen - that was something to do with GART. I pasted the output from drm here. Because this card must use KMS we are limited in the data we can get from the driver until we hack/enable some extra debugging in it. @k540kk one more idea, do you have enough monitors to test vga, hdmi and lvds connected under windows? if so, can you verify that the vga is treated as a seperate display to lvds, or if it is just cloned.
  8. Output from dmesg |grep drm on latest ubuntu dev with radeon driver cloned from git: [ 17.653054] [drm] Radeon Display Connectors [ 17.653056] [drm] Connector 0: [ 17.653057] [drm] LVDS [ 17.653060] [drm] DDC: 0x6560 0x6560 0x6564 0x6564 0x6568 0x6568 0x656c 0x656c [ 17.653061] [drm] Encoders: [ 17.653063] [drm] LCD1: INTERNAL_UNIPHY Nothing new here. Xorg wont load with kms disabled, so no extra info available.
  9. I have done some more tests, still no luck, results below. 02000000140000000901000020010007 -both screens gray 02000000140000000901000012010007 -both screens corruption 02000000410000000901000020010007 - hdmi only 02000000400000000901000012010007 - hdmi only 02000000400000000901000012040007 - hdmi only I have also tried various permutations based on the lvds lines from all of the built in personalities in the controller kext - no luck. However I note that there are values in some of these lines that do not match with dong / bcc9's reference work, so this might be worth investigating further. Some more remarks: Testing manually is tedious. It should be easy to write a python test harness to do the following: * Calculate all possible permutations based on input conditions * Patch ATI6000Controller and move into place * Fix permissions, update cache * Reboot * As a startup item, dump ioreg and store with ConnectorInfo table as a reference, raise alert if display0 branch appears under Ipomoea@0 * Iterate and try the next possibility Given that there are only 6 transmitters and 6 encoders possible in ddc, that gives 36 possible combinations which should only take 1/2 an hour or so to test. I will try this on saturday and post results here. Another possible approach would be to dump the configuration from Windows, or dump kernel memory from windows and/or linux and inspect the connectorinfo with a debugger. I am not sure if anyone has already tried this with other Radeons and found that it didnt work or wasnt possible.
  10. Hi k540kkk, I am working on the same series laptop (mine is a JY) which has exactly the same video rom as yours and am basically up to the same point as you (patching the kext). The difference is I am in 64 bit mode because I have 8gb ram. You can find my work by googling K42JY hackintosh. I am using the r748 bootloader that came with Nawcom and the framebuffer shows in IORegistryExplorer as ATIFramebuffer with a Compatible-With: Megalodon which I found strange since the Megalodon isnt an r800. I will try Kabyl and see what results I get. We should get in touch (maybe via email) and share info.
  11. Got this sucker working! Currently resizing my partitions to give OSX more space. I'm building up a guide here. Biggest challenge is going to be modding the radeon controller to get the LVDS panel working...
  12. Asus K42JY Radeon HD 6470m Works on external panel (HDMI), internal panel does not detect. Install method: Nawcom ModUSB (latest) + Retail 10.6.3 install image First boot -s, remount -rw / Install OSX 10.6.7 Combo Update Unpack mbp6.7.zip kexts to S/L/E Replace mach_kernel with the one in the zip Boot with arch=x86_64 Screenshot TODO: Wireless (AR9285) HDMI audio (think i need to hack id somewhere..?) Trackpad (not serious if im going to be using it with panel all the time) Alternative profile for booting without the external monitor (framebuffer?)