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  1. 10.6.7 Update released

    Updated OK here with a GA EX58-UD3R rev1.6. It did break my sleep function. I tried the known tricks (pmversion=21) and even messing with sleepenabler being installed or not. Still no joy. No biggie, I won't be able to use sleep as soon as I get my RR4320 installed anyway. Something it did do, is out of the blue.....speed stepping on my i7 now works. Overclocked to 3.8 Ghz on liquid and the voltage sensor in iStat says .92 Volts at the moment. SWEEEEET! Weird, but the kind of weird I can live with. Running CineBench 11 brings the voltage right back up to what I have it set at in the BIOS....1.25 V....wonder if it will work with my 4.2 Ghz BIOS settings. LOL
  2. Is there a proven hardware based RAID controller that allows booting to a hackintosh? I have scoured the web, what I run into is all software raid setups. I see many people are confused about hard/soft RAID. I would like to know if this can work. Has anybody had any success/failure with REAL hardware RAID controllers? Thanks, splat